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             Message from the Chairman

            We have already passed mid-February, and one wonders how six weeks could have elapsed
            so quickly since the new year was brought in with fireworks and goodwill.

            I sense that a different energy has been born. December saw a tired world, ready for some

            family time rather than work time. The extra energy, engagement, discussions and decisions
            that are prevailing has seen more activity in these short weeks than seen in months last

            The SA Chamber UK is experiencing a proactive interest in our activities, which is supportive
            of our growth and sustainability.

            The South African community in the UK is huge and is a massive untapped following. It is
            up to all of us to share the Chamber’s activities to deliver more networking opportunities.

            The UK Awards dinner was so magical, warm and human. For me, it was rewarding to see so
            many people from such vastly differently businesses and locations, share their successes.

            Many finalists were SA based, but due to work commitments were not able to be in the UK.
            These finalists will be presented their trophies and certificates at an evening drinks event
            in Johannesburg on 14th March.


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