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Election Date In South Africa

            The much-anticipated election date in South Africa
            has been announced, which is the 29 May 2024.
            We have a right as South Africans to vote, given            REGISTER TO
            a future each of us want, we have a duty to serve         VOTE ABROAD
            our  country  and  vote,  locally  or  internationally.

            The  date  for  the  submission  of  notice  to  vote
            outside of the country will be timetabled shortly.          voterportal/voter/registration/

            Annual Gala Dinner

            Tickets  are  now  on  sale  for  our  Annual  Gala
            Dinner to be held on Wednesday, 19 June at Mansion House. Please book early to secure
            your seats, this will be a memorable occasion, which will be hosted by the Lord Mayor of

            London, Michael Mainelli.

            I am looking forward to enjoying some South African wildlife in March, each trip always
            brings a treasured memory.

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