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The Future…

            Koni Wines aim to secure more partnerships, buyers around the world, this will assist in revenue
            growth so that we implement our social responsibility programmes and create job opportunities.

            More exciting news is the upcoming launch of Koni Travels, a premier tour operator dedicated
            to providing exceptional travel experiences to discerning travellers. With a focus on personalised
            service and cultural immersion, Koni Travels will offer a diverse range of custom or group tours
            to Cape Town’s most captivating destinations.

            Every traveller will be seen, and treated with respect, and enjoy the dignity they deserve.

            KoniWines | Drink Differently

            JOINT WINNER

            Caroll Masevhe,
            Managing Director, Kapcor Construction

            “Winning  the  Business  Woman  of  The  Year  Award
            for  me  validates  all  the  dreams  and  goals  I  have
            set  for  myself  and  my  business.  This  is  an  award
            dedicated to everyone whose dreams were silenced
            that it is possible regardless of one’s circumstances
            or background.”

            I started Kapcor purely on the passion I have for the built environment and the infrastructure
            sector.  When I started working within the sector my vision was to end up running a business that
            will not only advance myself and my career but one that would be of hope to women and young
            women like myself in the industry who aspire to excel with all odds against them.

            My journey has not been easy as the industry is very male dominant but with determination and
            continuous improvement of how we render services has kept us in the market for 11 years and

            Today as a multiple award winner (CIDB ERWIC Awards (3) 2023, Forty Under 40 Awards South
            Africa 2023 and the recent South African Chamber of Commerce UK Business Woman of The
            Year Award, my vision has been expanded to go beyond what we initially do as a business.

            Two years ago, we diversified from construction to environmental waste management and with

            the  opportunities  we  have  identified  within  the  sector,  we  strive  to  make  strategies  that  will
            advance our services offering and provide employment opportunities to those in need.

            We plan on incorporating ESG as support to our environmental waste management services, this
            will include risk management, impact and reports throughout all the projects we will take on be it
            construction or waste management.

            Welcome to Kapcor


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