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§ Research  investigation  of  TVET  programmes  that  feed  into  the  prior  learning  pathways
               for registration.

               § Successful implementation and uptake of training academies to increase the conversion
               rates through formalised candidacy programmes.
               § Re-engaging  key  stakeholders  from  higher  education,  President’s  forum,  South  African
               Qualification  Authority  (SAQA),  Council  for  Higher  Education,  Municipal  Infrastructure

               Agent (MISA), Department of Defence, and Mining Sector to assess synergies, collaborations,
               and partnerships.

            The Council under the leadership of Ms Buthelezi, with its great responsibility to protect the
            engineering profession, continues to strive towards efficiency, accountability, excellence,

            strategic partnerships, and increased innovation in delivering to its mandate.


            JOINT WINNER

            Natalie Pollock,

            Managing Director, Sporting Chance

            “Thank  you  to  the  South  African  Chamber  of
            Commerce  UK  for  this  incredible  award  and
            tremendous  honour.  Receiving  an  accolade  such
            as this for work done outside of the conventional

            business  sectors  is  inspiring  and  gratifying  and
            will  continue  to  inspire  and  motivate  me  going
            forward in the work we do in South Africa.”

            Over 20 years ago I joined Sporting Chance on their Calypso Cricket programme which was a
            cricket development event hosted on the beaches of South Africa. I was a naive, sports mad,
            fairly privileged young lady and during this project I met and mixed with children and coaching

            peers from all communities and cultures of South Africa. From that moment on I was hooked
            into  the  unifying  and  impactful  power  of  sport  and  decided  this  is  something  I  desperately
            wanted to be a part of going forward.

            I built my way up in Sporting Chance over the years from a coach, to an admin assistant,
            to  a  projects  manager  and  then  into  the  role  of  general  manager.  I  have  developed  an

            understanding of the communities we work in and how to ensure the professional delivery
            of  sports  based  education  programmes.  My  greatest  successes  have  been  optimising  our
            operations and building valuable connections with sponsors, donors and partners as we
            try to fulfil our mission of giving every child in South Africa the opportunity to participate in
            physical activities, regardless of their background.


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