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            Adrian Gardiner, Executive Chairman,
            The Mantis Collection

            JOINT WINNER

            Refilwe Buthelezi,
            President, Engineering Council of South Africa

            “The greatest results are born from collaboration

            and shared passion. This award is a testament
            to the power of diverse minds working together.
            Today, we celebrate, tomorrow, we build.”

            The Engineering Council of South Africa’s (ECSA) core functions include the accreditation of
            engineering programmes, registration of persons as professionals in specified categories, and
            the regulation of the practice of registered persons according to the Engineering Professions

            Act (EPA) OF 2000.

            Elected  as  the  first  Female  President  of  the  Engineering  Council  of  South  Africa  May
            2022, as well as President-Elect and member of the Executive Board of the Federation of
            African Engineering Organisation (FAEO) December 2022, Ms Refilwe Buthelezi Pr. Eng, has

            demonstrated leadership that is driven by purpose, as well as drive for growth and excellence.

            In the financial year 2023/2024, ECSA introduced a newly revised strategy with key performance
            areas aimed at ensuring a client-focused organisation, as well as re-engineered processes,
            people, and systems.

            Some  of  the  notable  highlights  under  the  leadership  of  Ms  Buthelezi  as  ECSA’s  President
               § An Unqualified Audit opinion for the financial year 2022/2023 and 2021/2022
               § For the first time in ECSA’s history the 6th Term Council has developed and approved the
              Organisational Governance Framework and Governing Council Charter.

               § Establishment of a Fraud and Ethics (whistleblowing) Hotline
               § Introduction  of  a  candidate  applications  portal,  decreasing  the  turnaround  time  for

               applications from 7 days to 48 hours.
               § Registration of 2 260 candidates by end of Quarter 3 of the financial year 2023/2024, the
               highest number ever processed.

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