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            Sponsored by: Barclays International Banking

            Presented by: Joshua Young, Vice President, South
            Africa & Hong Kong, Barclays International Banking


            Mteto Nyati, Executive Chairman, BSG and
            Martin Sweet, Managing Director, Primestars


            Sira Dheshan Naidu,
            Co-Founder/Owner, Disruptor London

            “The  true  essence  of  entrepreneurship  lies  in  the  courage  to  take  that  first  step.  The  most
            daunting challenge is making the decision to act; everything that follows is simply a testament
            to  your  perseverance  and  determination.  Winning  the  coveted  SACCUK  Business  Leader
            Award fuels our commitment to innovation, excellence, and making a meaningful impact for
            people and planet.”

            Disruptor London:
            Revolutionising the Beauty Industry with Innovation and Sustainability

            Disruptor London emerged from a desire to innovate and improve upon existing norms in the
            beauty industry. Inspired by Sam Walton’s insightful words, “If everyone is doing it one way, there’s
            a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction”, our brand was
            conceived as a response to the shortcomings within the beauty industry.

            After  two  decades  as  an  insider,  I  grew  disillusioned  with  the  industry’s  hidden  practices,
            compromises, and greenwashing. This frustration fuelled our decision to disrupt the conventional
            beauty  narrative.  Our  mission  at  Disruptor  London  is  to  confront  critical  issues  such  as

            overconsumption, plastic pollution, and water scarcity head-on.
            We aim to revolutionise the industry by offering consumers high-performing products that not

            only meet their needs but also adhere to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

            In  essence,  Disruptor  London  was  born  out  of  a  commitment  to  challenge  the  status  quo,
            providing a green alternative without compromising efficacy.

            Our journey has been one of determination, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
            We’ve faced challenges and obstacles along the way, but our unwavering belief in our mission has
            propelled us forward. With each product we develop, we strive to push the boundaries of what’s
            possible, proving that sustainability and luxury can coexist harmoniously.


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