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Milan ivanović and Dragan jovanović
RUDNIK (Srbica): church of St. George restored in the 16th c. with several frescos dating from the time of reconstruction, next to it is an old cemetery the foundations of another church situated on the locality called Crkvine (Ruins of a Church). RUGOVO, see ALAGINA RIJEKA and PEĆ.
RUNJEVO (Kačanik): the site called Crkva (Church) (a vil- lage priest mentioned in the census of 1452).
RUSINOVCE (Lipljan): mention of a village priest in a 15th century census and a microtoponym testify to the existence of a church in the village.
RVATSKA (Leposavić): remains of an old church and old graveyard on the site called Ostrvica.
RZNIĆ (in the Middle ages Rzinići, Dečane): ruins of the church of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus were recorded to have ex- isted in the 19th c. (the present day mosque has been construct- ed with its building material).
SAMODRAŽA (in the Middle ages Slamodreža, Suva Re- ka): foundations of the church of St. Nicholas with a modest- sized graveyard were recorded in the 19th c.; according to tra- dition, the village also had three small churches. SAMODREŽA (Vučitrn): on the remains of the church of St. john Prodromos (where, according to tradition, the Serbian army took Communion before the battle of Kosovo) a new church was constructed and painted in 1932; next to the church there was an old graveyard with large stone crosses. SANOVAC (Orahovac): ruins of an old church and the site formerly occupied by an old graveyard.
SEDLARE (Lipljan): reference to a village priest in a 15th cen- tury census and a microtoponym point to the existence of the church.
SELOGRAŽDE (in the Middle ages Crevogražde, Suva Re- ka): ruins of the old church of St. Kyriake and an old grave- yard.
SELJANCE (K. Mitrovica): an old graveyard and the site for- merly occupied by the ruins of a church.
SEMANJA (Kačanik): remains of an old church (a village priest mentioned in the 15th c.) demolished in the 19th c., and those of an old graveyard.
Rudnik (Srbica), Church of Saint George,
16th century
SEVCE (Uroševac): 1. church of St. Nicholas with frescos from 1861; 2. church of St. athanasius, built in 1921 on the founda- tions of an older religious building.
SIĆEVO (Klina): church of St. Nicholas erected in the 15th c. restored and painted in the second half of the 16th c.; the re- mains of an old cemetery are east of the church.
SIBOVAC (Priština): 1. church of St. Nicholas of Sibovac re- corded in the 16th c. (a village priest mentioned as early as the 15th c.) was located on the site called St. Nicholas (demolished in the 19th c. by jashar-Pasha Džanić who used its stone to build a mill in the Mjekićska gorge); 2. traces of a church in the hamlet of Bregovine.
SIĆEVO (Priština): a church was formerly situated in the lo- cality called Crkveni Do (Church Valley) (a village priest men- tioned in 1455).
SIGA (Peć): church of St. Demetrius, constructed in 1937 on the remains of an older religious building (demolished in 1941–1945, restoted in 1977), surrounded by an old graveyard (tombstones used for the construction of the Cooperative hall).
   Serbian asceterion on the left side of Bistrica river, 13th–14th century, Rugova gorge near Peć

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