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Samodreža near Vučitrn: “The White Church Samodreža on Kosovo” (restored in 1932)
SILJEVICA (Podujevo): locality “Kod Crkve” (By the Church). SINAJE (istok): 1. ruins of the church called Kaludjerice (Nuns) below the hill of Ćelije (Cells); 2. remains of a church in the village; 3. foundations of a smaller church, in the Zuvica grave- yard; 4. a church also existed in the old cemetery on the hill. according to folk tradition rwo of these churches were dedi- cated to St. Nicholas, and the third to St. john the Baptist SKIVJANE (in the Middle ages Ljivljani, Djakovica): tradition has it that the village church (a village priest mentioned in the 15th c.) was located on the site of the present-day mosque. SKOČNA (Vučitrn): 1. an old church was previously situated in the locality called “Crkveni Do” (Church Valley); 2. remains of a medieval fortress on the Skočna peak, above the village. SKROVNA (Vučitrn): old church formerly stood on the site called Crkvena Livada (Church Meadow).
SKULANOVO (Lipljan): old church ruins (a village priest mentioned in the 15th c.) and an old graveyard.
SLAKOVCE (Vučitrn): ruins of the old church of St. Stephen in the old graveyard.
SLAPUŽANE (in the Middle ages Zapl’zane Suva Reka): ac- cording to tradition, a church existed once; the present day mosque has been erected on its site.
SLATINA (Kačanik): ruins of a church (two village priests mentioned in 1455) and an old graveyard on the site called Crkva (Church).
SLATINA (Leposavić): 1. ruins of an old church next to the hamlet of Staro Selo (Staloga); 2. foundations of a church among the remains of an antique and medieval complex (cal led by
the people “the monastery of Sts. Constantine and Helena”), upstream of the Sočanica, on the left bank of the ibar. SLATINA (Podujevo): 1. monastery of St. Nicholas, unascer- tained (mentioned in the 15th c.); 2. church of St. Peter (the par- ish church until 1878), stood on the site called Crkva (Church). SLIVOVO (Uroševac): church dating from more recent times erected on the foundations of an older ecclesiastical structure (a priest mentioned as early as the 15th c.).
SLOVINJE (Lipljan): 1. ruins of the church of St. john (the 14th and the 16th c.) the albanians demolished it so as to con- struct the village mosque; 2. ruins of the church of St. Nicho- las (16th c.); the albanians demolished it in order to sell its stone to the railway bridges construction company (1871–1873); 3. monastery of St. George (14th c.) in the mountain above the village demolished in the 19th c. by jashar Pasha Džanić who used its material for the construction of bridges on the Sitnica river.
SMAČ (Djakovica): new Catholic church on the Glavica hill- ock built with the stone of the church ruins situated on the site called Kod Dva Bresta (By Two elms).
SMAĆ (Prizren): old graveyard recorded in the 19th c. SMIRA (Vitina): 1. ruins of the church of the Holy Savior (the Resurrection), erected in the 16th c.; 2. ruins of the so-called Upper Church dedicated to St. Simeon Myrrobletos, next to
Church of Saint Nicholas
Sićevo near Klina, Church of Saint Nicholas: The Holy Warriors, 16 century
The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century

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