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The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
   Sokolica, Church of the Intercession of Mother of God
Sredska, Church of Saint Nicholas, altar apse
Sredska, Church of Saint Nicholas
SUŠICA (Priština): church of St. Demetrius in Susica (a villa ge priest mentioned as early as the 15th c.), demolished at the beginning of the 19th c. by jashar-Pasha Džanić who used the material for the construction of several bridges on the Sitnica river.
SUVA REKA: 1. ruins of a church on the site called Crkvište (remains of a church) next to the Serbian graveyard, still ex- isted in 1880; 2. in the 19th c., a hermitage surrounded by cells stood on the hill near Suha Reka; 3. new church erected in 1938 in the east part of the settlement, near the present-day cemetery.
SUVI LUKAVAC (istok): 1. traces of a church (of St. Luke?) on the site called Crkvine (ruins of a church), 2. ruins of a former church in the old graveyard; 3. a church considered to have been sitaued near the so-called Smrdel spring 4. accord- ing to tradition, the church of the Holy Savior once stood in the Spasance fields.
SUVO GRLO (istok): 1. church of “the Mother of God on the Suhogrlska land” (unascertained) mentioned in King Milu- tin’s charters (1282–1320); 2. remains of the church of the Pre- sentation of the Mother of God (mentioned in 1596) perhaps identical with the former; 3. ruins of the church of St. Nicho- las; 4. remains of the church of the Holy archangels and the foundations of two ecclesiastical structures on the site called Brda; 5. foundations of the church by the site called Crkveni
 Sokolica, Transfiguration of Christ
 Sokolica Monastery

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