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                                                                                                           LOCAL Friday 11 august 2023

            Sole Mare Ristorante Italiano; A Traditional Family Restaurant

            From friendly staff to the best Authentic Italian Cuisine

                                                                       as  house  specialties  to  choose  from.   Always bringing traditional Italian meals
                                                                       From  home  made  pasta,  ravioli’s  and    with a hint of Modern cuisine.
                                                                       our  well  known  gnocchi.  A  must  try  is
                                                                       the Formaggio Parmigiana. An authen-        For reservations please call 586-0077 or
                                                                       tic Italian dish, pasta of choice tossed in   email us at
             Sole Mare Restaurant is a must to visit. A traditional fam-  whiskey flamed Parmigiana.               Address: Palm Beach 23.q
             ily restaurant within walking distance from the high rise
             hotels. Sole Mare offers you a variety of Italian Cuisine,
             specialized in Home Cooked Italian Food with rich fresh
             flavors bringing a touch of Italy to Aruba brought to you
             from Italy to Palm Beach Aruba at a reasonable price.

             We are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5.30pm till
             10:30 pm.

             Start your meal with authentic appetizers found only in
             Italy served in Aruba and the extensive menu with a
             selection of tender and delicious meats, poultry as well

            Aruba to me

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