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            Lessons from our elders:

            Plants and fruits for medicinal use(part 2)

                                                                                                   notice  the  ground  crack  otherwise  you  might  end
                                                                                                   underneath the flowers, it is  up with bitter seeds. Pome-
                                                                                                   time to harvest. This should  granate trees are also very
                                                                                                   happen around month 3.       easy  to  plant.  In  essence,
                                                                                                                                if  you  just  throw  the  seeds
                                                                                                   Pomegranate                  on the ground, they could
                                                                                                   Pomegranates  are  also  grow into a tree.
                                                                                                   one  of  the  easier  fruits  to  In  terms  of  medicinal  use,
                                                                                                   plant  and  harvest.  Origi-  pomegranate    skins   are
                                                                                                   nated  from  Persia,  this  said to have a few benefits
                                                                                                   plant can grow almost ev-    for  our  health.  According
                                                                                                   erywhere.  In  Aruba,  there  to  customs,  pomegranate
                                                                                                   are many homes that have  skin tea can help those that
            (Oranjestad)—In        last  People who suffer from low  hemorrhoids or diarrhea.      a tiny or big pomegranate  suffer  from  diarrhea.  Dried
            week’s  edition,  we  shared  blood  pressure  were  ad-  Many of our elders opted to  tree. You may be wonder-     pomegranate  skin  tea  is
            with our readers some me-    vised to eat sweet potato 2  plant sweet potatoes them-   ing  what  the  difference  is  also  good  for  people  who
            dicinal  use  for  plants  and  to 3 times a week. Howev-  selves,  mostly  because  of  between  a  small  and  big  have worms. Pomegranate
            fruits,  passed  down  from  er,  if  you  have  high  blood  how  easy  it  was  to  do  so.  pomegranate   tree,   for  flowers  can  be  boiled  to
            our elders through genera-   pressure, it is best not to eat  Cut the end of a sweet po-  which the answer is based  make a drink and this can
            tions. This week, we present  too much sweet potato, as  tato let it sit in shallow wa-  on  harvest  time.  Tiny  trees  be used for irritated gums;
            two more uses of fruits and  this  raises  blood  pressure.  ter  until  it  starts  to  sprout.  produce  tinier  pomegran-  just take a swig and let the
            plants for medicinal use.    Sweet  potatoes  are  also  Then you may plant it in the  ates  that  can  be  harvest-  tea  sit  in  your  mouth  for  a
                                         great for people who work  ground.  Sweet  potatoes  ed  early  on.  Contrarily,  couple minutes.
            Sweet potato                 hard  labor  jobs,  and  it’s  need  plenty  of  water  to  big  trees  produce  bigger  Source:  Remedi  i  Kustum-
            According  to  our  elders,  been said to be aid blood  grow,  especially  in  the  first  pomegranates,  but  they  ber  di  nos  Bieunan  (Medi-
            sweet potato is mostly use-  circulation  in  the  body,  week in the ground. It was  need  enough  time  to  fully  cine  and  Customs  of  our
            ful  for  low  blood  pressure.  as  well  as  help  those  with  said that once you start to  ripen  before  harvesting,  Elderly) by Dinah Veeris q

            Birds of Aruba

            ORANJESTAD — On May 11th, 2010, the Aruba  page.                                                Our Canadian friends know exactly where they
            Birdlife Conservation was founded with the aim                                                  can do so best. A Greater Yellowlegs rediscov-
            of  protecting  the  biodiversity  in  general  and  The Great Egret                            ering Aruba’s Bubali Wetlands.
            birds in and around Aruba in particular.
                                                            Serenity in Aruba’s National Park, a Great Egret  Cabochon
            Among other things, the foundation will focus  flying in peace. When it is peaceful and quite,
            on  increasing  the  survival  chances  of  species  beautiful things start happening in nature.   In  its  living  form  of  so  much  more  value  than
            of  wild  birds  by  promoting  their  preservation                                             any gemstone. Aruba’s smallest and most mas-
            and conservation. The foundation publishes the  Canadian in the house                           ter of flight. A top pollinator. A hovering Blenchi
            most beautiful pictures of local birds on their so-                                             inspecting the human who just entered his ter-
            cial media that show us the beauty of Aruba’s  The  breeding  season  is  over  and  it’s  getting  ritory.
            birds and nature in general. Aruba Today gives  pretty cold in North America. Shore birds have  English: Blue-tailed Emerald (male) Dutch: Blau-
            you a little peek with the following pictures and  started moving southwards as early as July. This  wstaartsmaragdkolibrie (mannetje).
            descriptions  from  the  foundations  Facebook  wetland  beauty  wants  to  keep  its  toes  warm.  Aruba’s to enjoy. Aruba’s to protect.q
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