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              Monday 25 SepteMber 2017
             Trump promising huge tax cut; focus on taxes vs health care

            By  CATHERINE  LUCEY  and                                                              percent  would  be  cut,  as  occur this week.
            MARCY GORDON                                                                           some  Republicans  have  Republicans  have  been
            Associated Press                                                                       advocated.                   split  on  some  core  issues.
            MORRISTOWN,  New  Jersey                                                               “This is a plan for the middle  They  are  divided  over
            (AP)  —  President  Donald                                                             class and for companies, so  whether to add to the na-
            Trump  is  promising  “the                                                             they can bring back jobs,”  tion’s  soaring  $20  trillion
            largest tax cut in the histo-                                                          he said.                     debt  with  tax  cuts.  The
            ry of our country” that will                                                           The  plan  also  is  expected  GOP  also  is  at  odds  over
            slash  rates  for  the  middle                                                         to  reduce  the  number  of  eliminating the federal de-
            class  and  corporations  to                                                           tax brackets from seven to  duction for state and local
            spark  economic  growth                                                                three.                       taxes.
            and jobs.                                                                              Trump spoke as House Re-     Republican  senators  on
            Trump said Sunday his “pri-                                                            publicans  on  the  tax-writ-  opposing sides of the defi-
            mary focus” is the tax over-                                                           ing Ways and Means Com-      cit  debate  have  tenta-
            haul  rather  than  last-ditch                                                         mittee  huddled  behind  tively agreed on a plan for
            efforts to bring a repeal of   Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks at a press briefing at   closed doors to discuss the  $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. That
            the  Obama  health  care     the Hilton Midtown hotel during the United Nations General As-  plan.  They  have  promised  would add substantially to
            program.  The  health  care   sembly, in New York, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017.   Associated Press  to  reveal  an  outline  and  the  debt  and  would  en-
            legislation brought forward                                                            possible details of the plan  able  deeper  cuts  to  tax
            by  Republicans  teetered    ristown Municipal Airport.   ing out the deficit.         later this week, after all Re-  rates  than  would  be  al-
            near failure over the week-  Trump’s   details   weren’t  The  rate  is  “going  to  be   publican lawmakers in the  lowed  if  Republicans  fol-
            end, though    said “even-   firm.                        substantially  lower  so  we   House get a chance to dis-  lowed  through  on  earlier
            tually we will win on that.”  He  said  “I  hope”  the  top  bring  jobs  back  into  our   cuss it and put questions to  promises that their tax over-
            Trump  said  the  tax  plan   corporate  tax  rate  will  be  country,” Trump said.    the chief architects, includ-  haul  wouldn’t  add  to  the
            that  the  White  House  and   cut to 15 percent from the  Trump  also  said  “We  think   ing  Rep.  Kevin  Brady,  R-  budget deficit. That would
            congressional Republicans    current  35  percent.  House  we’re  going  to  bring  the   Texas, who heads the Ways  mark an about-face for top
            have been working on for     Speaker  Paul  Ryan  has  individual  rate  to  10  per-  and Means panel.             congressional  Republicans
            months,  for  the  first  major   said  a  15  percent  rate  is  cent  or  12  percent,  much   “We’ll  let  the  White  House  like  Senate  Majority  Lead-
            overhaul of the tax system   impractically  low,  with  a  lower  than  it  is  right  now.”   determine  the  timetable”  er  Mitch  McConnell  and
            in three decades, is “totally   rate somewhere in the low-  He did not say whether the   of releasing the plan, Brady  Ryan, who had for months
            finalized.” He was speaking   to  mid-20  percent  range  tax  rate  for  the  wealthiest   said following the meeting.  promised  it  wouldn’t  add
            on the tarmac at the Mor-    more viable to avoid blow-   Americans,  now  at  39.6    He added it will “definitely”  to the deficit.q
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