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                                                                                                           LOCAL Monday 25 SepteMber 2017

            more to Aruba than this. It  across  the  islands  char-  known only to insiders. And
            has a fascinating history, a  acteristic  cunucu  houses  of  course  this  guide  also
            diverse  culture  and  a  rich  wherever  you  go.  This  provides  historical  back-
            architecture.  Traces  can  guide will lead you through  grounds  and  practical  in-
            still  be  found  of  the  origi-  this wonderful cultural heri-  formation.
            nal indigenous inhabitants,  tage  along  three  routes:  ‘Modern  Caribbean  Fla-
            and  of  the  gold  indus-   one  driving  route  around  vors’ by Helmi Smeulders
            try  and  aloe  plantations.  the  entire  island,  and  two  This  is  “the”  book  about
            The  islands  architectural  walking  routes  in  the  cit-  the  contemporary  Carib-
            heritage  includes  historic  ies  of  Oranjestad  and  San  bean  kitchen  with  healthy
            churches, a fort and a light-  Nicolas.                   recipes  made  with  fresh
            house.  And  you  will  come  You  will  discover  places  and local ingredients. With

                                                                                                   recipes  for  Tropical  Qui-  gria  or  Plantain  Soup,  the
                                                                                                   noa  Salad  with  Mango  Caribbean vibe enters your
                                                                                                   &  Pomegranate  Seeds,  kitchen,  and  you  feel  for
                                                                                                   Sweet  Potato  Salad,  Goat  a  bit  you  are  back  in  the
                                                                                                   Merguez, Watermelon San-     tropics again….q
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