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Saturday 25 March 2023 locAl

            Today Is Going To Be A Good Day

            Here’s  why:  Aruba  Today                                                                                          will give you more informa-
            collected  some  things  to                                                                                         tion.
            do BEYOND the beach. Yes,
            we  know.  Aruba,  located                                                                                          Kayak in the Mangroves
            15  miles  north  of  Venezu-                                                                                       Mangel Halto at Savaneta
            ela  in  the  warm  waters  of                                                                                      is definitely a place not to
            the  southern  Caribbean,  is                                                                                       miss  out  on.  The  beauti-
            home  to  beautiful  white-                                                                                         ful  beach  with  the  natu-
            sand  beaches,  82-degree                                                                                           ral  mangroves  is  simply  a
            days, and thus ideal for the                                                                                        beauty, but if you are into
            perfect beach day. But we                                                                                           a more active way to enjoy
            are also blessed with some                                                                                          the  nature:  take  a  kayak.
            of  the  warmest  people  in                                                                                        While  you are  doing some
            the world and our island is                                                                                         workout  -as  it  might  get  a
            19.6 miles long and 6 miles                                                                                         little windy and rough-, you
            across, with a total area of                                                                                        will  see  the  island  from  a
            70  square  miles.  Bit  more                                                                                       different  perspective.  You
            to  discover  than  the  white                                                                                      can  even  make  a  stop  to
            stretch on the coastline we                                                                                         do  some  snorkeling  at  the
            say. Let’s mention some of                                                                                          reef. Its fun, it’s healthy and
            these hidden gems.                                                                                                  for  sure  something  else.
                                                                                                                                There  are  several  compa-
            Nature Calls                                                                                                        nies that offer kayak tours,
            The  Arikok  National  park  is   park’s  Visitors’  Center.  For  called   ‘California’   that  ing a lighthouse that could   we  had  good  experience
            worth the ride. We love the   more  information,  visit  the  shipwrecked in the area in  indicate  the  island’s  east-  with The Shack Kayak Tours
            hikes  that  are  guided  by   website www.arubanation-   1891. Therefore they came  ern tip to ships with its light.   Aruba, find them on Face-
            the  park’s  rangers  whose                  up  with  the  idea  of  build-   book. q
            job is to maintain trails and
            protect  natural  resources.   The Lighthouse
            The  flora  and  fauna  are   No,  you  would  not  think
            beautiful  and  the  histori-  of  this  as  a  hidden  gem.
            cal sites tell you about the   The  California  Lighthouse
            island’s  indigenous  roots.   is actually one of the most
            The guided tours are even    known  highlights  in  Aruba
            free  of  charge.  If  you  are   and many repeated guests
            not up to walking, you can   most probably took the ride
            drive through the park, one   uphill  already.  But,  there  is
            way or another this park is   a significant change to this
            a great place to spend an    tower.  Since  September
            entire day. Cruising through   2016  you  can  climb  the
            the landscape you end up     top. In 2015 Stichting Monu-
            at  some  of  the  most  stun-  mentenfonds  started  the
            ning beaches like Dos Pla-   restoration  of  the  Califor-
            ya or Daimara Beach. In To-  nia Lighthouse. The project
            tal the park consists of 7907   finished in September 2016
            acres  protected  nature     and  the  Lighthouse  is  now
            with  a  richness  of  animals   open  for  visitors  to  enjoy
            living in it. The Aruban whip-  the beautiful view from the
            tail lizard (cododo), Aruban   top. The construction of the
            cat eye snake (santanero)    California  Lighthouse  start-
            and  endangered  rattle      ed in 1915. The name ‘Cali-
            snake  (cascabel)  are  just   fornia’ came from a vessel
            some of them, you can also   of the West India Company
            admire  these  close  in  the   and Pacific Steamship Co.
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