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King Willem Alexander met with Small Island
                Department of Public Works to close Palm                                  Developing States leaders and ministers
               Beach road for maintenance next Monday

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                                                                                      March 25, 2023
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            U.S.-Canada migration deal aims to end walk-around crossings

            Associated Press
            ST.  JOHNSBURY,  Vermont
            (AP)  —  The  immigration
            deal  announced  Friday
            by U.S. President Joe Biden
            and  Canadian  Prime  Min-
            ister Justin Trudeau aims to
            shut  down  a  process  that
            has enabled tens of thou-
            sands  of  immigrants  from
            across  the  world  to  move
            between the two countries
            along  a  back  road  be-
            tween New York state and
            Since  early  2017,  so  many
            migrants  entered  Canada
            via  Roxham  Road  out-
            side Champlain, New York
            that  the  Royal  Canadian
            Mounted  Police  staffed  a
            reception  center  to  pro-
            cess  them,  less  than  five
            miles  (8  kilometers)  from
            the  official  border  cross-
            ing  where  they’d  be  re-
            turned to the United States.
            Mounties  warned  they’d
            be  arrested,  but  once  on
            Canadian  soil,  they  were
            allowed  to  stay  and  pur-
            sue asylum cases that can
            take years to resolve.       The welcome center in St. Johnsbury, Vt., on Thursday March 23, 2023.
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