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                                                                                                           local Saturday 25 March 2023

            Department of Public Works to close Palm Beach road for

            maintenance next Monday

            Next week Monday, March                                                                                             road,  which  as  mentioned
            27th,  the  Department  of                                                                                          before,  will  take  4  working
            Public  Works  will  be  con-                                                                                       days.
            ducting  a  water  drainage                                                                                         The  DOW  asks  the  com-
            in Palm Beach, where pud-                                                                                           munity and tourists around
            dles  of  rainwater  often  sit                                                                                     the  Palm  Beach  area  to
            in front of the gas station in                                                                                      keep the roadwork and the
            the  area,  causing  disrup-                                                                                        disturbance  that  this  will
            tion in traffic. The DOW will                                                                                       cause  in  mind.  Croes  asks
            be closing the road in that                                                                                         to  be  understanding  and
            area  in  order  to  work  and                                                                                      patient during the duration
            make this roadway acces-                                                                                            of the project.
            sible again to drivers.                                                                                             Croes also added that this
                                                                                                                                project  was  one  that  they
            This project contains differ-                                                                                       have identified a while ago
            ent phases.  The first phase   of  this  project,  this  consists  hotels. These two pathways  during  this  period.  When   and that they have already
            consists  of  improving  the   of  expanding  the  culvert  will be amplified in order to  the  first  phase  commenc-  done  some  work  in  the
            flow  of  traffic  in  the  area.   situated in the walls of the  improve  the  flow  of  water  es,  road  workers  will  be   back side of the gas station
            For this, they will be renew-  crossroad  near  Tanki  Real,  passing through. The fourth  occupying  the  roadway   to fix the area, but “we still
            ing  the  asphalt  from  the   which  is  located  behind  phase  will  be  conducted  at  the  crossroad  near  the   have to connect the drain-
            Citgo  gasoline  station  up   the former Palm Beach su-  in the area of Palm Beach  CMB bank around the ho-        age system to the salt lake
            until the Santa Anna Phar-   permarket. The third phase  94B, where they will be pro-  tel  area  and  will  continue   and  increase  the  capac-
            macy. This phase includes 3   will also contain expansions  filing the road again so that  northbound, ending at the   ity of the culverts by laying
            segments. The first segment   of culverts, namely the one  the  water  flowing  by  can  back  side  of  the  gasoline   down new pipes, basically
            involves  digging  for  laying   at  Keito,  where  rainwater  reach the salt lake from the  station in Palm Beach.   because the passing water
            down pipes in the ground,    passes  through  two  differ-  northern side.             The first phase of the culvert   in the current culvert system
            pouring down cement and      ent  paths  before  entering  There will be some chang-   will  take  around  30  work-  is so much that it’s blocking
            connecting the new drain-    the salt lake in front of the  es in the direction of traffic  days. Because of this, they   more water from flowing in.
            age  system  on  the  back                                                             will be closing the roadway   As a result, the water level
            profile at Palma Real. In the                                                          in  the  area  for  6  weeks,   keeps rising.”
            second  segment,  they  will                                                           so  that  they  can  properly   According  to  Croes,  this
            be  removing  the  asphalt                                                             complete  all  necessary     work will alleviate the area
            cap on the road that leads                                                             tasks.  The  last  task  in  the   of  the  gasoline  station,
            to  the  Santa  Anna  Phar-                                                            culvert  phase  consists  of   where rainwater usually sits
            macy.                                                                                  laying down asphalt on the   for a long time. q
            The  tasks  for  the  second
            segment  will  take  place
            between  11pm  and  7am
            every  night  for  4  consecu-
            tive days, according to the
            director  of  DOW,  Marlon
            Croes.  In  the  daytime,  the
            road  will  be  open  for  all
            vehicles. The third segment
            involves  pouring  down  as-
            phalt  on  the  road,  which
            will  take  an  entire  night.
            Because of this, they will be
            closing the road from 9pm
            to 12pm the following day.
            In terms of the second phase
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