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Papillon: the butterfly effect

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            US Jews fear collision with expected                                                   Celebrating the 200th

            Israeli government                                                                     anniversary of the Protestant
                                                                                                   Congregation of Aruba

                                                                                  Associated Press                                          Page 7
            By JOSEF FEDERMAN            could have a ripple effect  gious lawmakers. The three
            Associated Press             in  Washington  and  further  have  made  racist  anti-Ar-
            JERUSALEM  (AP)  —  Israel’s  widen  what  has  become  ab statements, denigrated      Leap of Faith presented
            ties to the Jewish American  a partisan divide over sup-  the LGBTQ community, at-
            community, one of its clos-  port for Israel.             tacked Israel’s legal system   prototype of pier for persons with
            est and most important al-   “This  is  a  very  significant  and demonized the liberal,   disabilities
            lies, are about to be put to  crossroads,”  said  Jeremy  non-Orthodox  streams  of
            the test, with Israel’s emerg-  Ben-Ami,  president  of  J  Judaism popular in the U.S.
            ing far-right government on  Street,  a  liberal,  pro-Israel  All vehemently oppose Pal-
            a collision course with Jews  group in Washington. “The  estinian independence.
            in the United States.        potential  for  specific  ac-  “These are among the most
            Major Jewish American or-    tions  that  could  be  taken  extreme  voices  in  Israeli
            ganizations,  traditionally  a  by  this  government,  these  politics,”  said  Rabbi  Rick
            bedrock  of  support  for  Is-  are the moments when the  Jacobs,  president  of  the
            rael, have expressed alarm  relationship  between  the  Union  for  Reform  Judaism,
            over the far-right character  bulk of American Jews and  the  largest  Jewish  move-
            of  the  presumptive  gov-   the  state  of  Israel  begins  ment in the U.S. “What will
            ernment  led  by  conserva-  to  really  fray.  So  I’m  very  be the trajectory of a new
            tive Israeli leader Benjamin  afraid.”                    Israeli   government   with
            Netanyahu.  Given  Ameri-    Jewish-American    leaders  such  voices  in  such  key
            can  Jews’  predominantly  appear  especially  worried  leadership roles is of deep,
            liberal  political  views  and  about  the  prominent  role  deep concern.”
            affinity  for  the  Democrat-  expected  to  be  played                                                                        Page 11
            ic  Party,  these  misgivings  by  a  trio  of  hard-line,  reli-  Continued on Page 2
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