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                                                                                                           LOCAL Friday 16 June 2017

                Aruba Tourism Authority Honors Special Island Guests!

            EAGLE  BEACH  -  Recently
            the Aruba Tourism Authority
            had the great pleasure of
            honoring  a  special  group
            of  island  guests  who  are
            loyal and friendly visitors of
            Aruba as Distinguished Visi-
            tors  and  Goodwill  Ambas-
            sadors  at  the  Costa  Linda
            Beach Resort. The symbolic
            honorary titles are present-
            ed in the name of the Min-
            ister  of  Tourism  as  a  token
            of  appreciation  to  guests
            who visit Aruba for 10-to-19
            and  20-to-34  consecutive
            The honorees were Mr. Wil-
            liam and Mrs. Brenda Long-
            brake,  Ms.  Brittany  Long-
                                                                      brake, Mr. James and Mrs.
                                                                      Linda  Heimann,  Mr.  Alan
                                                                      D.  and  Mrs.  Bethany  Tyr-
                                                                      rell,  Mr.  Alan  Tyrrell  Jr.,  Ms.
                                                                      Jessica Cruikshank and Ms.
                                                                      Amanda Striegle.
                                                                      Mrs. Heimann tells us, “We
                                                                      have  been  coming  to
                                                                      Aruba  for  over  20  years.
                                                                      We  love  the  island  for  its
                                                                      beautiful  beaches,  wa-
                                                                      ter,  weather  and  friendly
                                                                      people. We consider it our
                                                                      home  away  from  home.
                                                                      We  started  out  with  one
                                                                      week  at  our  timeshare,
                                                                      Costa Linda and now own
                                                                      two weeks. We are current-
                                                                      ly thinking about buying a
                                                                      third week.”
                                                                      “Every  time  we  come  to
                                                                      Aruba, we are very sad to
                                                                      have to leave because we
                                                                      enjoy being here so much.
                                                                      My  husband  wants  to  be-
                                                                      come  more  involved  and
                                                                      is  now  running  for  a  posi-
                                                                      tion on the Board of Costa
                                                                      Linda,” she continues.
                                                                      “We  have  brought  many
                                                                      people  with  us  when  we
                                                                      have come to Aruba and
                                                                      they  too  have  loved  ev-
                                                                      ery minute that they were
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