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                      Friday 16 June 2017
              Loyal Island Guests Honored at the Marriot Surf Club

            PALM  BEACH  -  Recently  10-to-19 consecutive years.     that  being  on  Aruba  and
            the  Aruba  Tourism  Author-  The honorees were Mr. Ron  staying  at  the  Marriot  Surf
            ity  had  the  great  pleasure  and Mrs. Linda O’Neal and  Club  is  like  being  at  their
            of  honoring  two  very  nice  their son Bryke O’Neal, and  vacation   ‘home-away-
            couples who are loyal and  Mr.  Jason  Miner  and  Ms.  from-home.’The  certificate
            friendly  visitors  of  Aruba  Brenda  Lack.These  special  was presented by Ms. Eme-
            as  Distinguished  Visitors  at  visitors  are  loyal  members  ly Ridderstaat representing
            the  Marriot  Surf  Club.  The  of the Marriot Surf Club and  the  Aruba  Tourism  Author-
            symbolic  honorary  title  is  they love Aruba very much  ity together with Executive
            presented  in  the  name  of  because  of  the  friendly  Administrative  Assistant  to
            the  Minister  of  Tourism  as  people, fun in the sun, the  the  General  Manager  Ms.
            a token of appreciation to  climate,  the  beaches  and  Jenny Boekhoudt from the
            guests  who  visit  Aruba  for  the  restaurants.  They  say  Marriott Surf Club.q
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