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                Thursday 2 February 2023
            The Ostrich Farm

                                                              on  cue  Mr.  Ostrich  flapped  his  wings  excit-
                                                              edly and poked around the ground with his
                                                              bill,  triggering  Mrs.  Ostrich  who  ran  around
                                                              in circles, flapped her wings and also poked
                                                              around, before collapsing on the ground in a
                                                              heap of feathers, allowing him to mount her,
                                                              shaking, winding and spiraling his head in all

                                                              Mr.  Ostrich  concluded  his  unexpected  per-
                                                              formance with a loud honking, his eyes roll-
                                                              ing, then got up in a huff to nonchalantly strut

                                                                                                              away, leaving his wife and the scrutiny of our
             Matividiri – One of the most entertaining va-                                                    It was a surprise reality TV moment, and not
             cation activities is a visit to the Ostrich Farm,                                                usually  included  in  the  regular  program.
             a popular stopover on most island jeep tours.                                                    Feeding the Ostriches is however always on
                                                                                                              the program, and they are eternally hungry,
             Locals  and  visitors  enjoy  the  guided  ostrich                                               and fun!
             tour at the farm and features a well-stocked
             locally crafted and produced Art Boutique.                                                       Tours are available daily every half hour from
             The highlight of the visit is always the fun inter-                                              10–  3pm.  No  reservations  needed  for  small
             action with the resident ostriches and emus,                                                     groups.
             including a trip to the incubators and the bird
             kindergarten,  housing  baby  ostriches,  baby                                                   Matividiri 57, Open
             emus, chicken and ducks, and even a land                                                         daily from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM
             turtle!                                                                                          Telephone: 5859630
                                                                                                              For more information go to the website: www.
             It was a National Geographic moment when                                                         arubaostrichfarm.comq

            Aruba Tourism


            honored loyal

            visitors at Costa

            Linda Beach

            Resort Aruba

            EAGLE BEACH  -  Recently, Aruba  20+ years “Goodwill Ambassador”  to  the  guests  who  visit  Aruba  be-
            Tourism  Authority  representative  and 36+ years “Emerald Ambassa-     tween the 10-20-35 and more con-    Ms.  Kimberley  Richardson  repre-
            Ms. Kimberley Richardson had the  dor”.                                 secutive year mark.                 senting the Aruba Tourism Author-
            great  pleasure  in  honoring  many                                                                         ity,  and  members  of  the  Costa
            loyal  Aruba  visitors  with  their  dis-  The  honorees  are:  Mr.  John  and  The  couple  loves  coming  to  the  Linda Beach Resort bestowed the
            tinctive  certificates.  These  cer-  Mrs.  Mary  C.  Rociola  from  Illinois,  island  for  it’s  year-round  sunny  Ambassador  certification  to  the
            tificates are a way to say “Masha  United States, who have been hon-    weather,  the  friendliest  people,  honorees,  presented  them  with
            Danki”  for  continuously  choosing  ored as Goodwill Ambassadors.      the sincerity of Aruba’s people, the  gifts,  and  also  thanked  them  for
            Aruba as a favorite vacation des-   This  symbolic  honorary  title  is  pre-  cleanliness  of  the  island  and  the  choosing  Aruba  as  their  favorite
            tination. The titles are as following:  sented on behalf of the Minister of  fact that it’s the best place in the  vacation  destination  and  their
            10+  years  “Distinguished  Visitor”,  Tourism as a token of appreciation  world to vacation.               home-away-from-home.q
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