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Thursday 2 February 2023 locAl

            Consumer Price Index, base period June 2019 - December 2022

            The  Central  Bureau  of  Sta-  During  this  month,  four  (4)  prices  of  services    showed  effect  of respectively, 1.74  sectors.
            tistics  presents  the  most  of  the  twelve  (12)  sectors  an  increase  of  1.0%  and  and 0.89 ppts. The increase
            important  findings  for  the  registered  decreases  in  had  an  influence  of  0.39  in  the  “Transport”  sector  Change in prices of crude

            Consumer     Price   Index  prices.  The  decreases  that  ppts on the CPI of Decem-   was mainly due to increas-   oil,  utilities,  gasoline  and
            (CPI)  for  the  month  of  De-  had the greatest influence  ber 2022.                 es  in  the  categories  “Pur-  diesel
            cember 2022.                 on the CPI were registered                                chase  of  vehicles”  (21.3%)  The average price per bar-
                                         for  the  “Transport”  (-2.2%)  Core inflation            and  “Operation  of  per-    rel  of  crude  oil  registered
            Consumer  Price  Index  for  and    “Household  opera-    The  CPIC  (core  inflation)  sonal transport equipment”  an  increase  of  US$  5.39
            the  month  of  December  tion” (-3.2%) sectors, which  -  CPI  excluding  the  effect  (6.2%),  which  contributed  (7.5%) from US$ 71.41 in De-
            2022                         contributed  with  an  effect  of  energy  and  food  –  was  to  an  effect    of  0.93  and  cember 2021 to  US$ 76.80
            The  CPI  for  December  of -0.32 and -0.29 ppts,  re-    3.0%  in  December  2022.  0.52 ppts, respectively. The  in December 2022.

            2022  is  106.37,  a  decrease  spectively.  The  decreases  The  energy  index  -  which  increase  in  the  “Food  and  The average price per bar-
            of  0.1%  compared  to  the  in  the  remaining  sectors  consists  of  the  products:  non-alcoholic  beverages”  rel of the WTI crude oil (US$
            index  of  November  2022  had an effect of -0.03 ppts  electricity,  water,  gasoline  sector  was  mainly  due  to  95.14)  for  the  year  2022
            (106.49).  The  percentage  on  the  CPI  of  December  and  diesel  –  was  14.2%.  an    increase  in  the  cate-  shows  an  increase  of  US$

            change  of  the  CPI  over  2022.                         The food index showed an  gory “Food” (13.5%), which  27.36 (40.4%)  compared to
            the last twelve (12) months                               increase of 10.5%.           contributed to an effect of  the  average  price  for  the
            (December  2021  to  De-     Aforementioned  decreas-                                  1.31  ppts.  The  increase  in  year 2021 (US$ 67.78).
            cember 2022) is 5.7, an in-  es  were  partially  offset  Subsistence level            the  “Restaurants    and  ho-  The energy index increased
            crease  of  2.1  percentage  mainly  by  increasesin  the  The  subsistence  level  for  tels” sector was mainly due  by  17.6%  over  the  past
            points (ppts) compared to  indicesfor  the  “Recreation  a  household  consisting  of  to an increase in the cate-  12  months.  The  indices  of

            the  percentage  change  and  culture”  (2.2%)  and  two (2) adults and two (2)  gory “Food and beverage  “Gasoline”  and  “Diesel”
            for the same period of last  “Restaurants  and  hotels”  children  (aged  0-15  years)  consumption  outside  the  registered increases  of re-
            year (3.6%).                 sectors,  causing  an  effect  in  December  2022  is  Afl.  home”  (8.0%), which con-  spectively, 5.2% and 29.0%
                                         of  0.21  and  0.13  ppts.  The  5,376,  an  increase  of  Afl.  tributed to an effect of 0.36  over the last year, contrib-
            The  period  average  (last  increases  in  the  remaining  469  compared  to  Decem-  ppts.                        uting  together  with  an  ef-
            24  months)  percentage  sectors had an effect of 0.19  ber  2021  (Afl.    4,907).  The                            fect of 0.35 ppts. The indices
            change  of  the  CPI  for  the  ppts on the CPI of Decem-  subsistence  level  for  a  sin-  The decrease in the “Com-  of  “Electricty” and “water”

            periods  January  2021  to  ber  2022.  The  decrease  in  gle  adult  household  is  Afl.  munications”  sector  was  registered  increases  of  re-
            December 2021 and Janu-      the  “Transport”  sector  was  2,560, an increase of Afl. 23  mainly  due  to  a  decrease  spectively, 22.7% and 23.1%
            ary 2022 to December 2022  mainly  due  to  a  decrease  compared    to  December  in  the  category  “Tele-        over the last year, contrib-
            is  5.5%,  an  increase  of  4.8  in  the  category  “Opera-  2021 (Afl. 2,337).       phone  and  telefax    ser-  uting together  with an ef-
            ppts compared to  the pe-    tion  of    personal  transport                           vices”  (-7.8%),  which  con-  fect of 1.65 and 0.84 ppts,
            riod  average  percentage  equipment”  (-3.8%),  which  Consumer Price Index           tributed  to  an  effect  of  respectively. The remaining
            change  over  the  periods  contributed to an effect of  Over  the  last  12  months,  -0.63  ppts.  The  decrease  404 goods and services, as

            January 2020 to December  -0.33 ppts. The decrease in  the CPI increased by 5.7%.  in  the  “Household  opera-      a group, show an increase
            2020  and  January  2021  to  the “Household operation”  Nine (9) of the twelve (12)  tion” sector was due  to a  of  3.4% and had an effect
            December 2021 (0.7%).        sector  was  mainly  due  to  sectors registered increases  decrease  in  the  category  of 2.89 ppts on the CPI.
                                         an increase in the catego-   in prices. The  increases that  “Household   appliances”
                                         ry “Household  appliances”  had the greatest influence  (-9.4%),  which  contributed  Change in prices of Food &
                                         (-9.0%),  which  contributed  on the CPI were registered  to an effect of -0.25 ppts.   catering services
                                         to an effect of -0.23 ppts.   for  the  “Housing”  (12.1%),                            Over  the  last  12  months,
                                         The  increase  in  the  “Rec-  “Transport” (11.2%),  “Food  Consumption basket         the  “Food  &  catering  ser-
                                         reation  and  culture”  sec-  and  non-alcoholic  bever-  Over the last year 64.0% of  vices” increased by 11.7%.
                                         tor  was  mainly  due  to  an  ages”  (13.3%)  and  “Res-  the  products  in  the  con-  The  “Food  at  home”  in-

                                         increase  in  the  category  taurants and hotels” (8.7%)  sumtion  basket  had  an  in-  dex  showed  an    increase
                                         “Holidays”  (5.9%),  which  sectors,  which  contributed  crease in price, causing an  of  13.3%,  where  all  of  the
                                         contributed to an effect of  with an  effect of 2.98, 1.48,  effect  of  7.81  ppts,    while  “Food  at  home”  food
                                         0.16  ppts.  The  increase  in  1.45 and 0.40 ppts, respec-  24.8% showed a decrease,  groups  increased  over  the
                                         the  “Restaurants  and    ho-  tively.  The  increases  in  the  contributing to an effect of  period.  The  “Milk,  cheese
                                         tels” sector was mainly due  remaining  sectors  had  an  -2.08 ppts and the remain-   and eggs” index increased
                                         to  an  increase  of  1.9%  in  effect of 0.42 ppts on  the  ing 11.3% had no change in  by  17.3%,  the  largest  in-
                                         the category “Catering ser-  CPI  of  December  2021  price.  The prices of goods  crease  among  the  “Food
                                         vices”,  which    contributed  -  December  2022.  Afore-  increased  by  9.3%  and  at home” food groups. Fur-
                                         to an effect of 0.08 ppts.   mentioned  increases  were  caused an influence of 5.34  thermore,  other  significant
                                                                      partially offset by decreas-  ppts. The prices of services  increases  were  posted  in

                                         Consumption basket           es  in  the  indices  for  the  showed  an  increase  of  the  indices  for  “Potatoes
                                         The  consumption  basket  “Communications”  (-8.1%)  0.9% and had an influence  and  other  tubers”  (15.6%),
                                         of  the  CPI  consists  of  408  and    “Household  opera-  of 0.39 ppts.              “Meat”  (15.3%),  “Bread
                                         goods  and  services.  Com-  tion”  (-3.4%)  sectors,  caus-                           and cereals”  (14.9%), “Oils
                                         pared  to  November  2022,  ing  an  effect  of  -0.68  and  Subsistence level         and fats” (14.3%), “Fish and

                                         43.6%  of  these  products  -0.32 ppts, respectively.     Over  the  last  12  months,  other  seafood”  (13.6%),
                                         had  an  increase  in  price,                             the  subsistence  level  for  “Non-alcoholic   beverag-
                                         causing  an  effect  of  0.93  The  increase  in  the  “Hous-  a  household  consisting  of  es”  (11.6%),  “Sugar,  jam,
                                         ppts,  while  39.5%  showed  ing” sector was mainly due  two (2) adults and two (2)  honey    and  other  confec-
                                         a decrease, contributing to  to increases in the catego-  children (aged 0- 15 years)  tionery” (10.5%) and “Veg-
                                         an effect of -1.04 ppts and  ries  “Electricity,  gas  and  registered  an  increase  of  etables” (10.4%).
                                         the  remaining  16.9%  had  other  fuels”    (23.0%)  and  Afl.  469.  This  increase  was
                                         no  change  in  price.    The  “Water  supply  and  miscel-  mainly  due  to  increases  in  The  index  for  “Food  away
                                         prices of goods decreased  laneous  services  relating  the  “Food  and  non-alco-     from   home”    increased
                                         by 0.8% and caused an in-    to  the  dwelling”  (19.0%),  holic  beverages” (Afl. 262)  by  8.0%  over  the  last  12
                                         fluence  of  -0.50  ppts.  The  which  contributed  to  an  and  “Housing”  (Afl.  176)  months.q
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