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                                                                                                           LOCAL Thursday 2 February 2023

            Task Force installed for improving air travel in the Dutch Caribbean

            Shaping and implementing the shared vision of the DCCA

            ORANJESTAD  –  On  No-                                                                 The  progress  of  the  Task  Joost  Meijs,  CEO  of  Aruba
            vember  7,  2022,  the  his-                                                           Force  will  be  overseen  Airport  Authority  N.V.  and
            toric  milestone  of  signing                                                          by  a  Progress  Commit-     chairman of the DCCA: “It
            a  Memorandum  of  Under-                                                              tee,  which  will  consist  of  is great to see that collec-
            standing  (MOU)  between                                                               the   Kingdom    Countries  tively we have been able to
            Dutch  Caribbean  islands,   Croes  (Curacao  Airport),   nological  advancements      Aviation  Steering  Group  define a strong Task Force
            the  Netherlands,  the  six   both for business develop-  or otherwise;                (‘Regiegroep    Luchtvaart  with  aviation  professionals
            airports of the Dutch Carib-  ment,  Mrs.  Christine  Dries-  3.  Recommendations  on   voor de Koninkrijkslanden’)  from  the  Caribbean  and
            bean and the Dutch Asso-     sen (Bonaire Airport) for air-  necessary changes of laws,   and  the  CEO’s  of  the  international  world.  I  am
            ciation of Airports was cel-  port  infrastructure/charg-  regulations and policy per-  DCCA  airports.  The  Dutch  convinced  that  together
            ebrated.                     ing stations and standards,   taining to the end goal;    Civil  Airports  Association  and with the support of all
                                         and  Mr.Vishal  Oedjaghir    4.  Recommendations  on      (‘Nederlandse  Vereniging  islands and countries of the
            This MOU formalizes a com-   (St  Eustatius  Airport/Saba   how  to  make  interisland   van Luchthavens’) will also  Dutch Kingdom we will im-
            mitment of this partnership   Airport)  as  PSO  expert.  As   travel  more  affordable  for   appoint a representative in  prove  the  interisland  con-
            to  explore  and  establish   such all islands of the Dutch   the public.              the Progress Committee.      nectivity in all aspects”.q
            affordable,  efficient,  and   Kingdom  are  duly  repre-
            sustainable air connectivity   sented and will be working
            between Curacao, Aruba,      on  reaching  the  end  goal
            St.  Maarten,  Bonaire,  St.   of the MOU signed back in
            Eustatius,  and  Saba  and,   November of 2022.
            more  specifically,  to  ex-
            plore  and  stimulate  the   Task Force deliverables
            use  of  emission-free  pow-  Before  the  end  of  2023,
            ered flights to operate the   this  Task  Force  will  deliver
            aforementioned  air  con-    a Joint Strategic Plan with,
            nectivity.                   besides  a  clear  indication
                                         how to reach the end goal
            DCCA Task Force              of a more affordable, effi-
            As  agreed  in  the  MOU,  all   cient and sustainable inter-
            CEO’s of the DCCA (Dutch     island connectivity network
            Cooperation of Caribbean     with  a  concrete  timeline
            Airports)  recently  deter-  and milestones, the follow-
            mined  the  constellation    ing deliverables:
            of the Task Force. This Task   1. The feasibility and estab-
            Force  will  be  tasked  with   lishment  of  an  interisland
            developing  a  Joint  Strate-  innovation  center  for  sus-
            gic Plan (JSP) for improving   tainable aviation, to stimu-
            the  interisland  connectiv-  late  and  facilitate  the  use
            ity.                         of  zero  emission  powered
                                         flights  for  air  connectivity
            The Task Force will include   between these islands;
            aviation  experts  and  pro-  2.  Possibilities,  means  and
            fessionals  with  at  its  core   measures  to  achieve  a
            Mrs.  Marieke  Smit  (Royal   smooth,  seamless  and  ef-
            Schiphol  Group)  as  Pro-   ficient  flow  of  passengers
            gram  Manager,  Mrs.  Suzy   on interisland flights at the
            Kartokromo  (St.  Maarten    airports of the CAS and BES
            Airport)  as  assistant  Pro-  islands,  including  easing
            gram  Manager,  Mrs.  Jo-    the entry/exit requirements
            Anne  Meaux-Arends  (Aru-    by  use  of  biometrics  and
            ba Airport) and Mrs. Peggy   digital  identification  tech-
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