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A22     SPORTS
              Saturday 2 december 2017
             Sounders return to MLS Cup after 3-0 rout of Dynamo

            By TIM BOOTH                                                                                                        on a diagonal run into the
             AP Sports Writer                                                                                                   penalty area, and his right-
            SEATTLE (AP) — On their way                                                                                         footed shot beat Joe Willis
            to  a  title  last  year,  all  the                                                                                 to  give  Seattle  the  early
            benchmark     celebrations                                                                                          advantage.
            for  the  Seattle  Sounders                                                                                         Rodriguez’s   goal   gave
            came away from home.                                                                                                the  45,298  at  CenturyLink
            Finally  with  the  chance                                                                                          Field  a  collective  exhale
            to  clinch  in  front  of  their                                                                                    as  Houston  would  have
            fans, the Sounders weren’t                                                                                          needed  to  score  three
            about  to  collapse.  They                                                                                          goals  to  advance.  That
            were dominant on the way                                                                                            number     became     four
            to another MLS Cup final.                                                                                           when  Dempsey  finished
            Victor  Rodriguez  scored                                                                                           a  deft  cross  from  Joevin
            on  a  nifty  give-and-go                                                                                           Jones  in  the  52nd  minute,
            with  Will  Bruin  in  the  22nd                                                                                    and  if  that  didn’t  put  the
            minute,   Clint   Dempsey                                                                                           match  out  of  reach,  Bruin
            added his third goal of the                                                                                         added  his  goal  late  to
            playoffs early in the second                                                                                        complete the rout.
            half,  and  the  Sounders                                                                                           While Seattle’s goal scoring
            advanced to the final with                                                                                          deserved  recognition,  its
            a 3-0 win over the Houston    Seattle Sounders forward Will Bruin (17) scores a goal on Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Joe Willis,   defense  continued  to  be
            Dynamo on Thursday night.     right, in the second half of the second leg of the MLS soccer Western Conference final, Thursday,   stellar.  The  Sounders  have
            The  defending  champions     Nov. 30, 2017, in Seattle.                                                            yet  to  allow  a  goal  in  the
            rolled through the Dynamo                                                                          Associated Press   playoffs and haven’t been
            5-0  on  aggregate  after     Sounders   and    Toronto   to  repeat  and  we’re  in   the  fans  and  the  players   scored  upon  since  a  2-0
            their  convincing  two-goal   played to a 0-0 draw in the   a  position  now  to  where   is what makes this club so   loss at Philadelphia on Oct.
            win  in  Houston  last  week.   2016  final  before  Seattle   possibly that can be done.”  special,” Schmetzer said  1.  Seattle  finished  off  the
            Bruin  added  his  second     won on penalty kicks.       One      after    another,   The  Sounders  took  any     Dynamo without defender
            goal of the series in the 73rd   “It’s  great  to  celebrate  in   Sounders   players   and   nerves  out  of  the  second-  Roman  Torres,  who  was
            minute  as  the  Sounders     front  of  them,”  Dempsey   coach  Brian  Schmetzer     leg  with  Houston  early.   out  due  to  yellow  card
            advanced to face Toronto      said.  “We  still  have  our   took  the  small  stand  in   Rather than packing in on   accumulation.
            with  the  opportunity  to    work  cut  out  for  us.  We   front of Seattle’s supporters   defense,  Seattle  pushed   “We’re   taking     a
            become  the  first  repeat    still  have  a  big  challenge   and  raised  the  Western   forward  and  aggressively   tremendous    amount
            MLS Cup champions since       in  playing  against  Toronto   Conference championship   tried to get that third goal.   of  pride  in  playing  well
            the  Los  Angeles  Galaxy     away from home, but you     trophy.  Last  year,  Seattle   It  came  on  a  four-pass   defensively  as  a  unit,”
            in  2011-12  —  and  on  the   have  everything  to  play   clinched  the  West  title  in   series,  with  Bruin’s  right-  Seattle  goalkeeper  Stefan
            same  field  Seattle  won  its   for  and  at  the  beginning   Colorado.              footed  flick  the  key.  It   Frei said.q
            first  title  a  year  ago.  The   of  the  season  we  wanted   “The  relationship  between   found Rodriguez unmarked
             U.S. bobsledder Ryan Bailey hit with 2-year doping ban

             By TIM REYNOLDS                                                                       has to go through it all over   this  week,  and  Bailey’s
              AP Sports Writer                                                                     again.  All  that  hard  work   Olympic hopes ended not
             U.S.   bobsledder    Ryan                                                             for nothing.”                long afterward.
             Bailey was banned for two                                                             Bailey  took  a  supplement   “I was disappointed to find
             years for what he contends                                                            in  January  that  included   out that his suspension got
             was an inadvertent doping                                                             dimethylbutylamine,      a   extended,”  USA  Bobsled
             violation, ending the former                                                          banned stimulant that has    and  Skeleton  CEO  Darrin
             track  and  field  medalist’s                                                         been shown to raise blood    Steele   said.   “He’s   a
             bid  to  compete  in  the                                                             pressure.  The  American     good  kid,  but  he  made  a
             Pyeongchang Olympics.                                                                 Arbitration Association said   mistake.  And  when  you
             The Court of Arbitration for                                                          Bailey had a “light degree   make  mistakes,  you  have
             Sport  publicly  announced                                                            of  fault”  when  it  ruled  this   to  pay  a  price.  We  think,
             the ruling Friday, agreeing                                                           year  his  suspension  should   given  the  circumstances,
             with  the  U.S.  Anti-Doping                                                          be  for  six  months,  after   that  the  price  is  excessive
             Agency’s stance that a six-                                                           accepting  his  explanation   in  this  case.  He’s  got  the
             month  ban  Bailey  served                                                            that  the  positive  test  was   potential to be one of the
             earlier  this  year  was  not                                                         triggered  by  his  usage    best  push  athletes  we’ve
             enough.                                                                               of  a  high  risk  dietary   ever seen in the sport and
             Bailey  was  part  of  the                                                            supplement.                  I hope we see him back.”
             U.S.   team   that   won     In this Nov. 9, 2017 photo, United States’ Ryan Bailey smiles on   Bailey   served   that   There  are  examples  of
             a  silver  medal  in  the    the podium after finishing second in the two-man World Cup   suspension,  which  ended   U.S.  athletes  getting  six-
             4x100-meter  relay  at  the   bobsled race in Lake Placid, N.Y.      Associated Press  on July 9.                  month  suspensions  from
             London  Games  in  2012.                                                              The  stimulant  that  Bailey   USADA  after  positive  tests
             That  medal  was  stripped   with hopes of getting back   Cup  silver  medal  with  him   took was not on the label   for   dimethylbutylamine.
             years  later  following  the   to the Olympics.          last  month  in  Lake  Placid,   of the supplement, though   Some  suspensions  have
             doping conviction of relay   “I feel terrible for the guy,”   New York. “He pretty much   another  banned  product   also been of the two-year
             teammate     Tyson   Gay.   said  U.S.  bobsled  driver   has to go through it twice.   was listed as an ingredient.   variety, like the one Bailey
             Bailey,  still  angry  about   Nick  Cunningham,  who    He  was  cleared  and  was   USADA  took  the  case  to   must now serve - with credit
             forfeiting that silver, turned   was racing with Bailey this   extremely  close  to  the   CAS,  a  hearing  was  held   for  the  six  months  already
             to  bobsledding  last  year   season  and  won  a  World   Olympic  Games  and  now   in  Los  Angeles  earlier    served.q
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