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Saturday 2 december 2017 TECHNOLOGY
            GM to launch self-driving vehicles in big U.S. cities in 2019

                                                                                                                                next year.
            By  TOM  KRISHER,  AP  Auto                                                                                         The  automaker  says  it's  fo-
            Writer                                                                                                              cused  on  deploying  self-
            DETROIT  (AP)  —  General                                                                                           driving  vehicles  safely,  but
            Motors Co. expects to car-                                                                                          it  also  wants  to  beat  rivals
            ry  passengers  and  deliver                                                                                        to  market.  Ammann  said
            goods  with  self-driving  ve-                                                                                      GM is in the lead to deploy
            hicles in big cities sometime                                                                                       the  vehicles  in  large  num-
            in  2019,  telling  investors  it's                                                                                 bers.  Once  they're  on  the
            moving  quickly  and  plans                                                                                         road, the vehicles' comput-
            to be ahead of other auto-                                                                                          ers will constantly learn and
            makers  and  tech  compa-                                                                                           improve.
            nies.                                                                                                               "Getting  first  onto  that
            The    Detroit   automaker                                                                                          learning curve is pretty im-
            made  the  announcement                                                                                             portant," he said.
            at  an  investor  presenta-                                                                                         GM  estimated  the  total
            tion in San Francisco Thurs-                                                                                        ride-sharing  market  could
            day, saying that based on                                                                                           reach  $1.6  trillion  once  it
            its  current  rate  of  change,                                                                                     hits 75 percent of all rides in
            it   expects   "commercial                                                                                          the U.S. Now it's less than 1
            launch at scale" of the au-                                                                                         percent. Ammann said GM
            tonomous  vehicles  within    In this Tuesday, June 13, 2017, file photo, a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EV that is in General Mo-  now  makes  about  $30,000
            the  next  year  or  so.  The   tors Co.'s autonomous vehicle development program appears on display at GM's Orion Assem-  per vehicle by selling them,
            vehicles would not have a    bly in Lake Orion, Mich.                                                               but  said  ride-hailing  and
            human  backup  driver,  the   Associated Press                                                                      delivery profits could rise to
            company said.                                                                                                       hundreds  of  thousands  of
            Company executives didn't  ence  can  be  improved  nition  software  maker  Mo-       self-driving  car  available  dollars per vehicle.
            say how many vehicles GM  quickly and give the com-       bileye.                      for  ride-hailing  services  by
            would deploy or what cities  pany  a  competitive  ad-    Google's Waymo division is  2021.                         Because  GM  has  software
            they would be in, but they  vantage.  GM  said  there  testing self-driving minivans  GM President Dan Ammann  and  sensor  development,
            were  clear  that  the  com-  still was much more difficult  in  Phoenix,  carrying  pas-  said  the  first  commercial  as  well  as  manufacturing,
            pany plans to run ride-hail-  engineering  work  to  do.  sengers  without  a  backup  use of EVs would be in ride-  it can roll out autonomous
            ing  and  delivery  services  And it's not quite clear yet  driver  in  the  front  seat.  An  sharing.  He  wouldn't  say  if  vehicles   cheaper   than
            and  quickly  make  money  whether the automaker will  employee  in  the  back  will  the  service  would  involve  competitors, the company
            off them — at higher profit  be first.                    be  able  to  stop  the  ve-  ride-hailing  company  Lyft,  said.
            margins than it now makes  Delphi, an automotive sup-     hicle  by  pushing  a  button  in  which  GM  has  invested
            from selling cars and trucks.  plier,  has  said  it  expects  but won't be able to steer  $500  million.  More  details,  Investors   apparently
            "This  business  is  potentially  commercial vehicles to be  the  vehicle.  Waymo  plans  he said, would come closer  weren't  impressed  by  the
            bigger  than  our  current  using  its  autonomous  sys-  to  announce  a  commer-     to 2019.                     presentation  or  had  al-
            core business," Chief Finan-  tem in limited areas in 2019.  cial service in the next few  GM's  Cruise  Automation  ready  built  autonomous
            cial  Officer  Chuck  Stevens  Delphi recently bought au-  months.                     unit  is  testing  autonomous  vehicles  into  GM's  stock
            told the group.              tonomous  software  start-   German  automaker  Daim-     Chevrolet  Bolt  electric  ve-  price.  After  the  afternoon
            GM  said  it  is  important  to  up  NuTonomy  and  is  also  ler AG has teamed up with  hicles  with  human  backup  presentation, shares of GM
            be first to get the self-driv-  partnering  with  BMW  AG,  supplier  Bosch  to  develop  drivers in San Francisco, De-  fell 1.8 percent to close at
            ing electric vehicles on the  chipmaker Intel Corp. and  autonomous taxis by 2020.  troit and Phoenix, and has  $43.04  while  the  broader
            road  so  the  rider  experi-  camera  and  visual  recog-  And  Ford  plans  to  have  a  plans to test in Manhattan  markets ended higher.q
            Snapchat seeks to attract more users by redesigning app

                                                                                                   gel took a jab at rivals, writ-  With growth stagnant, par-
                                                                                                   ing  that  social  media  "fu-  ent company Snap's stock
                                                                                                   eled  'fake  news'"  because  is down sharply since its ini-
                                                                                                   of this content mixing.      tial  public  offering  earlier
                                                                                                   "After  all,  how  many  times  this  year.  Snap  hinted  at
                                                                                                   have  you  shared  some-     changes three weeks ago,
                                                                                                   thing  you've  never  both-  but  didn't  provide  details
                                                                                                   ered  to  read?"  Spiegel  then.
                                                                                                   wrote on Axios.              Beyond  separating  feeds,
                                                                                                   Snapchat  has  not  been  Snapchat  will  now  order
                                                                                                   gaining  enough  users,  es-  posts using a formula to try
                                                                                                   pecially beyond its core of  to appeal to users' likes, in-
                                                                                                   younger  people.  Instead,  stead of listing them chron-
                                                                                                   rival  services  have  man-  ologically.  Facebook  has
                                                                                                   aged  to  copy  Snapchat's  long done that; Twitter and
                                                                                                   most popular features and  Instagram  followed  more
            This photo provided by Snapchat shows screen examples of Snapchat's redesign.          make  them  available  to  recently.
                                                                                  Associated Press  a  broader  audience.  This  Even so, Spiegel seems de-
             By BARBARA ORTUTAY          an attempt to appeal to a  publishers,  celebrities  and   includes  Stories,  a  way  to  termined  to  set  Snapchat
             AP Technology Writer        broader range of users.      others, much the way Twit-   show  photo  and  video  apart from its bigger rivals.
             NEW  YORK  (AP)  —  Snap-   Users will now see two sep-  ter, Facebook and other ri-  snippets that disappear af-  When  users  open  Snap-
             chat  is  separating  what  arate  feeds.  Before,  the  vals continue to do.         ter 24 hours; Snapchat pio-  chat, for instance, they will
             friends share and what me-  visual-messaging  app  was                                neered it, while Facebook's  still  see  the  app's  camera
             dia organizations publish in  mixing  posts  from  friends,  Snap  Inc.  CEO  Evan  Spie-  Instagram popularized it.  first.q
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