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                                                                                                       SPORTS Saturday 2 december 2017

             James, Love lead Cavs past

             Hawks for 10th win in a row

             By The Associated Press     It  was  the  third  game  in   26  points,  Eric  Bledsoe
             ATLANTA  (AP)  —  LeBron    four  nights  for  the  76ers,   added  25  and  Milwaukee
             James  had  yet  another    who have lost two of three.  beat Portland to snap the
             double-double,       took   NUGGETS 111, BULLS 110       Trail  Blazers’  three-game
             command of a challenging    DENVER (AP) — Will Barton    winning streak.
             defensive      assignment   capped  a  career-high  37
             and  stuck  around  to  see   points with a driving layup   Giannis   Antetokounmpo
             the  end  of  the  Cleveland   with  3.2  seconds  left  and   added  20  points,  nine
             Cavaliers’   10th   straight   Denver overcame the loss   rebounds,    and    three
             victory,  121-114  over  the   of  Nikola  Jokic  to  beat   blocked shots for the Bucks.
             Atlanta Hawks on Thursday   Chicago.                     Jusuf  Nurkic  led  Portland
             night.                      Gary  Harris  added  21      with  25  points  and  11
             James    had   24   points   points, and Kenneth Faried   rebounds,  while  Damian
             and  12  assists,  and  Kevin   had  14  points  and  13   Lillard added 18 points.
             Love  had  25  points  and   rebounds for Denver.        JAZZ 126, CLIPPERS 107
             16   rebounds    to   help   Jokic went down in with 44   LOS ANGELES (AP) — Utah
             Cleveland hold off Atlanta   seconds left in the second   had seven players score in
             to extend the NBA’s longest   quarter when he drove to   double  figures  and  went
             active  winning  streak.  It   the basket and stepped on   on a 21-4 run in the fourth
             was  James’  14th  double-  Jerian  Grant’s  foot.  Jokic   quarter.
             double in 22 games.         hit  two  free  throws  before   Reserve  Alec  Burks  scored
             James     had    frequent   heading to the locker room   a  season-high  28  points
             exchanges      with    the   with  an  obvious  limp.  He   to  lead  Utah,  with  rookie
             officials but avoided serious   didn’t return in the second   Donovan  Mitchell  adding
             confrontations following his   half.                     24 points.
             first ejection in 1,082 career   Lauri Markanen and Robin   Austin   Rivers   led   the
             games  Tuesday  night  in  a   Lopez had 20 points each   Clippers with 25 points, and
             home victory over Miami.    for Chicago. The Bulls have   Lou Williams had 20.
             Dennis    Schroder     led   lost  seven  straight  to  finish   The  Clippers  trailed  94-
             Atlanta with 27 points.     2-13  in  November  and      93  early  in  the  fourth
             The  Cavaliers  ended  a    drop to 3-17 overall.        quarter  before  Utah  took   Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schroder passes off under the
             streak  of  three  straight   BUCKS  103,  TRAIL  BLAZERS   command.    The    Jazz   basket on a double team by Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James
             losses in the series.       91                           outscored the Clippers 32-   and Kevin Love during the first half of an NBA basketball
             CELTICS 108, 76ERS 97       PORTLAND,      Ore.   (AP)   20 in the final period.q     game, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, in Atlanta.
             BOSTON  (AP)  —  Kyrie      —  Khris  Middleton  had                                                                          Associated Press
             Irving scored 36 points and
             Boston held off weary and   MLB boosts total of drug tests 25 percent
             short-handed  Philadelphia
             to  improve  their  NBA-best
             record to 19-4.             By RONALD BLUM               tests  over  the  previous   resulted    in   80-game     azoospermia  (a  condition
             Irving  has  five  games  this    AP Baseball Writer     year, which included 6,634   suspensions:     Pittsburgh   in  which  semen  contains
             season  with  30  or  more   NEW  YORK  (AP)  —  Major   urine  samples  and  1,647   outfielder  Starling  Marte   no   sperm).   That   was
             points. Al Horford added 21   League  Baseball  boosted   blood samples.              (Nandrolone), Philadelphia   down  from  107  TUEs  last
             points and eight rebounds,   its drug test total 25 percent   Two   major   leaguers   pitcher Elniery Garcia and   year,  which  included  105
             and  Marcus  Morris  had    in the year ending with the   had   positive   tests   for   Houston   pitcher   David   for  ADHD  and  one  each
             17  points  to  help  Boston   World Series.             banned  stimulants,  one     Paulino  (both  Boldenone),   for   hypertension   and
             rebound from a home loss    The       sport’s     new    each  for  Adderall  and     Cleveland  pitcher  Joseph   hypercalciuria  (calcium  in
             Monday night to Detroit.    Independent          Public   D-Amphetamine.        The   Colon  (SARM  LGD-4022)      urine).
             Boston  led  by  five  at  the   Administrator  said  there   players were not identified   and San Francisco pitcher   Dr.  Thomas  M.  Martin,  a
             end  of  the  third  quarter   were   10,237   tests   of   because of the penalty for   Joan Gregorio (Stanozolol).  retired  U.S.  Army  colonel
             but  started  the  fourth  by   players  on  40-man  major   first  offenses  for  stimulants   There were 106 Therapeutic   who is a former director of
             connecting on seven of its   league  rosters,  including   and  the  drug  DHEA  is  six   Use   Exemptions   for   the Defense Department’s
             first 11 shots to increase the   8,235  urine  samples  for   additional  urine  tests  over   otherwise  banned  drugs:   drug  testing  and  program
             margin to 95-82.            performance-enhancing        the next year rather than a   103  for  Attention  Deficit   policy office, was hired as
             Dario Saric led Philadelphia   substances, stimulants and   suspension.               Hyperactivity Disorder and   IPA  to  replace  Dr.  Jeffrey
             with  18  points.  JJ  Redick   the  drug  DHEA  and  2,002   There  were  five  positive   one each for hypertension,   M.  Anderson,  who  had
             finished  with  17  and  Ben   blood  samples  for  human   tests   for   performance-  idiopathic   hypersomnia   been  the  IPA  since  2012
             Simmons had 15.             growth hormone.              enhancing     drugs   that   (a  sleep  disorder)  and    and died on Aug. 30.q
                                         That  was  up  from  8,281
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