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              Saturday 2 december 2017

             Loyal Guests Honored by the Aruba Tourism Authority

                                                                       PALM  BEACH  -  Recently
                                                                       the Aruba Tourism Author-
                                                                       ity had the great pleasure
                                                                       of  honoring  a  group  of
                                                                       guests  who  are  loyal  and
                                                                       friendly  visitors  of  Aruba
                                                                       at  the  Manchebo  Beach
                                                                       Resort  and  the  Casa  del
                                                                       Mar  Beach  Resort  as  Dis-
                                                                       tinguished   Visitors   and
                                                                       Goodwill Ambassadors.

                                                                       The   symbolic   honorary
                                                                       titles  are  presented  in  the
                                                                       name  of  the  Minister  of
                                                                       Tourism  as  a  token  of  ap-
                                                                       preciation  to  guests  who
                                                                       visit  Aruba  for  10-to-19
                                                                       and  20-to-34  consecutive
                                                                       The  honorees  were  Mr.
                                                                       Mr.  Lawrence  and  Mrs.
                                                                       Lynn  Genetti  of  Ellenton,
                                                                       Florida,  honored  as  Distin-
                                                                       guished  Visitors,  and  Mr.   sort  and  they  love  Aruba   Ridderstaat   representing
                                                                       Stephen  Gorvin,  honored   very much because of the     the  Aruba  Tourism  Author-
                                                                       as  a  Goodwill  Ambassa-   safety,  the  beautiful  sun-  ity  together  with  General
                                                                       dor.                        sets, friendly locals, variety   Manager Mr. Bob Curtis of
                                                                                                   of food and the feeling of   the  Casa  del  Mar  Beach
                                                                       These  special  guests  are   home-away-from-home.       Resort and associates from
                                                                       regular guests at the Casa   The  certificates  were  pre-  the   Manchebo   Beach
                                                                       del Mar Beach Resort and    sented  by  Ms.  Darline  S.
                                                                       the Manchebo Beach Re-      de  Cuba  and  Ms.  Emely    Resort.q
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