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                                                                                                           LOCAL Saturday 2 december 2017

            Loyal Guests Honored at the Divi All Inclusive Resorts

                                                                      is  presented  in  the  name   These  special  guests  are
                                                                      of  the  Minister  of  Tourism   regular  guests  at  the  Divi
                                                                      as a token of appreciation   All  Inclusive  Resorts  and
                                                                      to  guests  who  visit  Aruba   they love Aruba very much
                                                                      for  10-to-19  consecutive   because of the safety, the
                                                                      years.                       beautiful  sunsets,  friendly
                                                                                                   locals, variety of food and
                                                                      The  honorees  were  Mr.     the feeling of home-away-
                                                                      and  Mrs.  Cecil  and  Don-  from-home. The certificate
                                                                      na  Burns,  and  Mrs.  Nancy   was presented by Ms. Dar-
                                                                      Massing,  all  residents  of   line S. de Cuba represent-
            DRUIF BEACH - Recently the   friendly visitors of Aruba at   Salem,  New  Jersey,  all   ing  the  Aruba  Tourism  Au-
            Aruba  Tourism  Authority    the Divi All Inclusive Resorts   celebrating  more  than  10   thority  together  with  Mr.
            had  the  great  pleasure  of   as Distinguished Visitors.   consecutive  annual  visits   Francis Ridderstap and Ms.
            honoring a very nice group                                to Aruba!                    Brisly Flanegin from the Divi
            of guests who are loyal and   The symbolic honorary title                              All Inclusive Resorts.q
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