Page 2 - E-Modul_Descriptive Text_2012021135_Ida Ayu Kadek Shevany Natasya Dewi
P. 2

                       Praise be to the presence of God Almighty for His abundance of grace so that we can
               complete the English module for grade 8 junior high school students. This module is equipped
               with practice questions to test students' understanding of the descriptive text material contained
               in the module. In this English module, we will discuss "Descriptive text in terms of definition,
               purpose, generic structure, and language features".

                       We realize that there are still many shortcomings in the preparation of this module.
               Therefore, we really hope for criticism and suggestions for the improvement and perfection of
               this module. Hopefully this module can be useful for all of us, especially students.

                                                                             Singaraja, 31 December 2022


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