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                   A.  Title description n
                 A. Title descriptio

                          What do you know about descriptive text? Descriptive text is text in English which
                       describes something. Have you ever told someone to your friend? This is an example
                       of  a  descriptive  text  where  you  try  to  describe  how  the  character  and  physical
                       characteristics of the person are.

                          Do you know why descriptive text is very important? Descriptive is important to
                       learn because knowing the generic and language features will make your text easy to
                       understand. Readers or listeners of your story will immediately understand the meaning
                       and get a clear description of what you are describing

                     B. Prerequisites
                   B.  Prerequisites
                          In the previous material, how to use adjectives and simple present tense has been
                       presented. To be able to understand this module, you are expected to have read material
                       about simple present tenses and adjectives. In addition, try to understand the
                       characteristics of the simple present tense and adjectives. If you have met these
                       prerequisites, then you will be able to understand more easily about text descriptions
                       both in describing animals about natural events and their effects on social life.

                   C.  Instructions for using the module
                      C. Instructions for using

                              the module
                          In order for you to master and understand the material in this module well, then read
                       it carefully and follow the instructions below:
                          1.  Study  the  table  of  contents  and  module  positioning  scheme  carefully  and
                          2.  Do the questions in the ability check to measure the extent of knowledge you
                              already have.
                          3.  Pay attention to the work steps correctly to make it easier to understand a work
                          4.  Understand  each  basic  material  and  read  carefully.  Then  do  the  evaluation
                              questions as a means of practice.

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