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2.  Description:
                                     Contains  special characteristics possessed  by  the  object, place,  or
                                     person     being    described.    For     example, the    properties,
                                     physical appearance, and other things that are written specifically.

                              Language Feature of Descriptive Text

                                     There are lot of language Feature that can be use in writing descriptive
                              text.  And  there  are  some  language  seauture  that  can  be  use  in  writing  a
                              descriptive text

                              1.  Using figurative language such as simile and metaphor.

                                         Have you use a figurative language?
                                         Sometimes we use figurative language in everyday life
                                         to express a meaning that we are feeling or seeing.

                                         Figurative  language  is  the  use  of  a  word  or  expression  with  a
                                 meaning in which there is a difference from the literal interpretation. In this
                                 case,  sometimes  figurative  language  uses  figurative  language  to  make  it
                                 more effective, persuasive, and influential.
                                         Describing  something,  usually  using  a  metaphor  to  provide  an
                                 illustration to the reader.  For example: the girl is white as chalk, my love
                                 for you is as massive because the ocean, my love for you is as wide as the
                                 ocean, her skin is as white as snow. Her skin is as white because of the snow.

                              2.  Using the simple present tense.
                                     The  sentence  pattern  used  is
                                     simple present because it tells the            Look at the picture below!
                                     fact  of  the  object  described.
                                     Marked by the use of to be: is/are,
                                     and the use of the 1st verb (verb

                                     For example, my family and I live
                                     in  a  five-room  flat,  the  first  five
                                     terrace of Borobudur Temple are
                                     square  and  surrounded  by  walls
                                     adorned  with  Buddhist  sculpture
                                     in bas-relief.

                                                                                Image 2. Formula of Simple Present
                                                                                   Image Source: google.images

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