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3.  Using  various  kinds  of adjectives  such  as  describing, numbering,
                                                                 Look at the picture below!

                                                                    Image 3. Adjective
                                                               Image Source: google.images

                                         An adjective is a class of words that modify a noun or pronoun, usually by
                                     clarifying it or making it more specific. Adjectives can describe the quantity,
                                     adequacy, sequence, quality, or emphasis of a word.

                                         For example:  Temporary  relief,  an  antique  plate,  a  beautiful  beach,  a
                                     handsome man, the famous place in Jepara, a beautiful mountain, the tall
                                     man and a keen.

                                     4.  Using relating verbs that are used to provide information about
                                         the subject.
                                           Relating verb is a type of verb that tries to     Look at the picture below!
                                           connect  to  the explanation of the subject
                                           noun, such as be, have, seem. Descriptive
                                           text uses a lot of relating verbs as a link
                                           between the subject and the explanation. It
                                           can be said that relating verbs are used to
                                           provide information about the subject.

                                           For example: Bobby has a good voice, rara
                                           hair is black, the market is near from here,
                                           Jakarta is east of Bandung, and others.

                                                                                           Image 4. Relating verb

                                                                                       Image Source: google. Images

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