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5.  Using descriptions.

                                                                                          Description   is   use    to
                                                              Have you ever               provide additional

                                                              told someone to             information.  So,  the  reader
                                                                                          can  know  specifically  what
                                                              your friend?
                                                                                          the reader point of view

                                                                                          For example:    near    the
                                              That's when you use the description. You    window,  far  from  house,
                                              explain how the shape of the body, its      bigger than me
                                              nature and so on. That can make your
                                              friends understand your story.

                                     6.  Using nouns.

                                                                                  Noun is a class of words that express
                                                                                  the  name  of  a  person,  place,  or  all
                                                                  What is         things  and  everything  that  is  noun.
                                                                   Noun?          The  types  of  nouns  used  in  a
                                                                 What are         descriptive text are specific nouns. In
                                                                    the           addition, the use of nouns also often
                                                                example of        uses  nouns  that  acquire  character
                                                                   Noun?          traits in them.

                                                                                  For example, my car, Jenny's house,

                                                                                  Bandengan     beach,   my     house,
                                                                                  Borobudur  temple,  uncle  Jim  and
                                                                                  our school.

                                                 Watch the video below!

                                                     Video 2. Nouns

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