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C.  Summary
                   C. Summary

                              Descriptive text is a text in english that can describe the thing, animal, person
                       or object that someone want to describe. The perpose of this text is to  inform and
                       describe someone about something that we want to describe. In write this text, we need
                       to know the generic stucture and the language feauture. The generic stucture of this text
                       is Identification and Description. Meanwhile, the Language Features of Descriptive
                       Text are Using nouns, Using the simple present tense, using various kinds of adjectives,
                       using relating verbs, using descriptions and using figurative language.

                   D. Student assignments
                   D.  Student assignments

                                                 Observation Tasks

                              Observe your family members and write 5 down some
                          adjectives that represent them. Write your observations in

                                                 the following table!

                            NO      Your family members                  Adjective




                   E.  Student worksheet
                   E. Student worksheet

                                                     Student worksheet
                   I.  Identity

                         1. Class/Semester   : VIII/1 (one)

                         2. Subjects        : English
                         3. Subject matter   : Descriptive Text

                   II. Study Guide
                        1.Study the table of contents and module positioning scheme carefully

                             and thorough.
                        2.Pay attention to the work steps correctly to make it easier understand

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