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Definition Descriptive Text

                                     Descriptive text is a text that contains a detailed description of an object,
                              either a living being, an object, a place, or an event, so that the reader seems to
                              see,  hear,  feel,  or  experience  what  the  author  describes  himself.  In  short,
                              descriptive  text  can  be  explained  as  explaining  something.  Descriptive  text
                              provides  detailed  explanations  so  that  readers  understand  the  object  of
                              information they are looking for.

                                                 What is the purpose of descriptive text? Why we
                                                 need to study Descriptive Text?

                              Purpose of Descriptive Text
                                 The main purpose of descriptive text is to provide a complete picture and
                              explanation to the readers so that they can understand the object being discussed
                              clearly. By using various language features and  good structure will make it
                              easier for listeners to understand our descriptive text

                                                        Watch the video below!

                                              Video 1. Learning videos about descriptive text

                              Generic structure of Descriptive Text
                                 1.  Identification:
                                     This section, located in the first paragraph, aims to identify an object that
                                     you  want  to  describe.  Identification  serves  to  introduce  to  the  reader
                                     about the object that we will explain, before we tell about the object in
                                     more detail in the next paragraph.

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