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                                                                  DESCRIPTIVE TEXT

                      A. The purpose of learning
                   A.  The purpose of learning

                          After  studying  this  module,  you  will  gain  knowledge  about  the  meaning  of
                       definition, social function, generic structure and language elements from descriptive

                   B.  Material description
                        B. Material description

                                                   Look at the picture below!

                                                     Image 1. Zebra animal
                                                  Image Source: google. images

                                         Have you ever described an animal to your friend?
                                              We often share our experiences with animals at the zoo. Then we
                                          tell about it and explain the color and characteristics of the animal

                                       Did you know that in describing something we have to use
                                       several linguistic elements and pay attention to the structure of
                                       the text.
                                                   Generic structure of Descriptive Text is Identification and
                                        Description. Meanwhile, the Language Features of Descriptive Text are
                                         Using nouns, Using the simple present tense, using various kinds of
                                        adjectives, using relating verbs, using descriptions and using figurative   8
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