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a work processes.

                        3. Answer the questions after practice.
                   III. Competence

                         A. Competency Standards
                             Capturing meaning in spoken and written descriptive text, short and


                        B. Basic Competency
                            Capturing meaning contextually related to social functions, text

                            structure, and linguistic elements of spoken and written descriptive

                         C. Indicators

                             Identify the structure and linguistic elements in the text
                          D. Learning Objectives

                              Can understand more deeply the information about descriptive text in
                              terms of definition, social function, generic structure and language

                              elements correctly.
                   VII. Practice Assignments

                         A. Tools and Materials

                             1. Notebook
                              2. Pens, pencils, and so on

                         B. How it Works
                             1. Make observations around your home. Pay attention to inanimate

                                objects, your pets or your family members!

                            2. Before that, prepare note tools to help your observations and

                            3. Once ready, start observing an object or living creature, whether
                               inanimate objects, pets or your family members. and note the


                               a. the name of the object/creature
                               b. the shape of the object/animal/person. skinny/fat/tall/short

                               c. the color of that object
                               d. Number of legs and arms (living things)

                               e. how is it (living things)
                               f. Important notes during the visit

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