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                   A. Evaluation questions
                   A.  Evaluation questions

                          1.  Explain what is meant by descriptive text
                          2.  Explain the purpose of descriptive text
                          3.  Explain and mention the generic structure of descriptive text
                          4.  Explain and state the language features of descriptive text
                          5.  Read the following text and fill with the blank with the answer!
                                     My Diary I have a new diary. It soon becomes my favorite thing. I like
                              writing  about  my  days  in  the  diary.  The  diary  has  a  blue  (1).....Blue  is  my
                              (2).....color.  There  are  a  hundred  (3).....inside  the  diary.  The  pages  are  in
                              different (4).....Each page has a washed-out background. The backgrounds are
                              the (5).....of the super league heroes. Another special thing about my new diary
                              is that it has a lock to keep the diary a (6).....On the first page, there is a beautiful
                              (7).....The  poet  tells  about  the  importance  of  keeping  memories.  It  says
                              "(8).....memories are to learn and good memories are to entertain". I (9).....the
                              poem. It encourages me to keep a diary. By doing so, I (10).....I can improve my

                                     a. favorite
                                     b. believes
                                     c. bad
                                     d. poem
                                     e. love
                                     f. cover
                                     g. pages
                                     h. pictures
                                     i. secret
                                     j. colors

                    B. Evaluation answer key
                   B.  Evaluation answer key

                       1.  Descriptive Text is a text which tells us what a person or a thing is like. Like,
                          describes the character of a person, animal, place, or thing.
                       2.  Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.

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