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3.  There are two type of generic structure
                          1.  Identification. In this part identification contains about the general introduction
                              of  a  person,  place,  animal  or  object  will  be  described.  The  function  of
                              identification is to introduce something we describe, in order, the reader and
                              listener are not miss-understanding.
                          2.  Description
                              It contains a description of something such as animal, things, place, or person
                              by describing its features, forms, colors, or anything related to what the write
                       4.  There are some language feauture in descriptive text
                          1.  Using nouns
                              Noun is a class of words that express the name of a person, place, or all things
                              and everything that is noun
                          2.  Using descriptions. Description is use to provide additional information.
                          3.  Using  relating  verbs  that  are used  to  provide  information about  the  subject.
                              Relating verb is a type of verb that tries to connect to the explanation of the
                              subject noun, such as be, have, seem.
                          4.  Using various kinds of adjectives such as describing, numbering, classifying.
                              An adjective is a class of words that modify a noun or pronoun, usually by
                              clarifying it or making it more specific
                          5.  Using the simple present tense. The sentence pattern used is simple present
                              because it tells the fact of the object described. Marked by the use of to be:
                              is/are, and the use of the 1st verb (verb 1).
                          6.  Using figurative language such as simile and metaphor. Figurative language is
                              the use of a word or expression with a meaning in which there is a difference
                              from the literal interpretation. In this case, sometimes figurative language uses
                              figurative language to make it more effective, persuasive, and influential.

                       5.  My Diary I have a new diary. It soon becomes my favorite thing. I like writing about
                          my days in the diary. The diary has a blue cover. Blue is my favorite color. There
                          are a hundred pages inside the diary. The pages are in different colors. Each page
                          has a washed-out background. The backgrounds are the pictures of the super league
                          heroes. Another special thing about my new diary is that it has a lock to keep the
                          diary a secret. On the first page, there is a beautiful poem. The poet tells about the
                          importance of keeping memories. It says “Bad memories are to learn and good
                          memories are to entertain". I love the poem. It encourages me to keep a diary. By
                          doing so, I believe I can improve my English.

                   C.  Passing criteria
                   C. Passing criteria

                   1.  Score for assignment
                     Problem No.    Score              Information

                     1                     2,00          If answered correctly and correctly

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