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G.  Answer Key
                  G. Answer key

               Answer key Student assignments

                       Example descriptive text for Student

                                                    My Older Brother

                       I have a brother. He is very good at me. His name is Riski Kurniawan. As generally a
               brother, my brother and I almost look similar. We both have curly and short hair. My brother
               also has the same nose with me. However, although, my brother and I look similar, I had a bit
               of differences. He has a white color while I have brown skin color. My brother is about 50 cm
               higher than me. His height is approximately 170 cm. The difference of our age is little. He is
               23 years old while I am 20 years old. Perhaps that makes us closes one another.

               Formative test answer key

                       1.  A
                       2.  A
                       3.  A
                       4.  Paragraph one because paragraph one explains the description but not yet in
                          detail. Which is a characteristic of identification
                       5.  6 relating verbs
                       6.  Short matching with adjectives
                       7.  Fish matching with nouns
                       8.  Has matching with relating verb
                       9.  Right
                       10. Wrong

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