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g. The texture of the object/creature.

                           4. After the things in number 3 are complete, then write them in the

                              form of descriptive text using elements of the language of descriptive
                              text and also its generic structure. tell your descriptive text with the

                              teacher and friends.

                   F.  Formative tests
                   F. Formative tests

                       Multiple choice (pilihan ganda)

                                                     My Lovely Cat

                              I have a stray cat as my pet.  He is really playful, He loved to play with me and
                       the new things he found. He has orange and white fur; his fur is so soft and I like to
                       rubs it for him. He has a long tail. He likes to play with it. He is also always try to catch
                       his tail sometimes. I also like to hold him in my hand, when I hold him like that, he will
                       fall asleep.

                          1.  In descriptive text there must be nouns. Where noun is a class of words that
                              express the name of a person, place, or all things and everything that is a noun.
                              What is the noun in the story?

                              a.  Cat.
                              b.  Dog.
                              c.  Rabbit
                              d.  Fish.
                              e.  Dinosaurs

                          2.  Adjectives are used to describe something. Which of the following adjectives
                              are found in the story below?

                              a.  Long tail
                              b.  Sometimes
                              c.  Hand
                              d.  Like

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