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Shakin’                                                                                    emPOWERing

                                       and Bakin’                                                                                  the Electrical Trade Space

                                                                                                                                                    (Yes, Pun Intended!)

                             C        ooking was never really my thing, but somewhere in mid-life I fell in love with all its neat   M        y name is Arthy, and I recently joined Jewel Electric as President/CEO/Co-owner. I am

                                                                                                                                              simply LOVING the switch (haha, pun DEFINITELY intended … you know, electrical plugs
                                        Presto! The kitchen was my new best friend.
                                                                                                                                              and light switches) to the residential electrical services trade!
                                                                                                                                               Over the years, I have witnessed inequitable gender representation in the trades, and I
                                        Since fitness has always been central in my life, I combined it with being a certified Personal
                             Trainer and an Eat-Clean for Wellness coach. The two disciplines make for a perfect combination.     have been blessed to have been presented with opportunity-after-opportunity to level the playing field for all
                               So my mission now as a Pampered Chef consultant is whipping up delicious food for a happier,       genders, regardless of how someone trade-specific-qualified gender-identifies. Jewel Electric has FEMALE
                             healthier life.                                                                                      techs and apprentices! Incidentally, I did this work in the auto repair trade over the past few years, so I am
                                 It’s never too late to get shakin’ and bakin’!                                                   intimately aware of some of the barriers faced by those who do not meet the ‘typical
                                 I started my Pampered Chef career back in 2005 before taking time off to raise my son, Evan. Fast   tradesperson’ stereotype.
                                  forward 15 years to 2020, when the world took a crazy turn. Because the pandemic shut down my     Does someone you know want to enter the trades but has been discouraged
                                   personal trainer business, I decided to schedule a much-needed full knee replacement.          due how they gender-identify? What are some of the other barriers that have
                                      It was an opportune time. My life was in lockdown and I couldn’t go anywhere. Trying to be   prevented those you know from being able to enter the trades? I am very
                                    adventuresome during my recovery I decided to host a virtual party from my bed.               interested in learning what tasks residential service electricians perform on
                                      It was a blast! So invigorating and fulfilling!                                             the vast array of service calls we receive and complete at Jewel Electric.
                                    Being a Pampered Chef was a welcome added bonus to my commitment to good health and             I am equally interested in learning how I can help society by
                                    wellness. Healthy eating came super naturally to me, most of the time. Don’t get me wrong. I love a   supporting environmental responsibility in residential electrical; by
                                    plate of fries and a glass of wine, but committing to eating clean for wellness opened my eyes on how   equalizing employment practices; and by promoting trades thereby
                                    to make my favourite not-so-healthy foods more healthy. Pampered Chef has come a long way since   encouraging those so inclined to truly follow their dreams as a
                                   2005. I’m excited to be able to share my knowledge with others.                                tradesperson. Truthfully, any way I can be of benefit, upliftment,
                                                                                                                                  motivation, or inspiration, I am here to serve!
                                                                                                                                    On another note, largely due to the perpetual support and blessings of
                                                                ADONICA ALBERT                                                    my business partner, Mr. Robb Lacey, what I have been doing in this trade
                                                                         PAMPERED CHEF                                            space since joining Jewel Electric in November 2020 has been noticed.

                                                                                              Our business has quadrupled in less than a year, and our staff has
                                                I  780-910-6862                        tripled. I have been able to increase Jewel Electric’s visibility
                                                                                                                                  and credibility, and it now shows in our customer confidence
                                                                                                                                  rating. I brought in compassionate-yet-business-forward
                                                      My mom, Sandra Grimmer, was and still is an incredible cook and baker.      policies for safety, a respectful workplace, and a host of other
                                                        Our family grew up eating whatever she pulled out of the fridge and       working initiatives.
                                                          transformed into a gourmet meal. Side by side in the kitchen, me with     At Jewel Electric, we aim to please, and based on
                                                            my Easy Bake Oven and mom at the big one, she taught me my            what our customers are telling us, we are bending over
                                                              culinary skills.                                                    backwards to make them happy, all the while educating
                                                                  One of my favourite family traditions was baking at             them on the new codes so that we can ensure code-
                                                                  Christmastime. I would make gingerbread men with my             compliant work. If your breakers trip … if you lose power
                                                                    brothers, Jason and Jesse, and we’d devour them while we      to your kitchen appliances … if your bathroom light stops
                                                                      watched the Wizard of Oz on Christmas Eve. My dad,          working … I can send you the absolute right technician to
                                                                        Bruce Grimmer, loved my mom’s butter tarts but he         fix what ails your electrical circuitry!
                                                                           was only allowed to have one! We ate the rest!           I would love to chat with you more about Jewel Electric
                                                                               Being a mom and having a family of my              initiatives! Please contact me!
                                                                                own, I still love to bake but now I explore
                                                                                  new, healthy recipes as well as the old               ARTHY AHLUWALIA
                                                                                      And best of all, no matter what                             JEWEL ELECTRIC

                                                                                     you prepare, it all tastes better               
                                                                                      when you eat it with your family!          I  403-850-7770

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