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                    ife is not set in stone. Goal’s change, you discover new interests and life evolves.
 I’m Trina of Trina’s Margarita Club and I’m passionate about margaritas! I’m celebrating life &   Planning a solid financial future is more complex than ever, leaving us to navigate
 taking the seriousness out of adulting!  I create custom margarita kits containing everything   our way with “what if” questions. What if I outlive my money?  What if we
 you need to celebrate (BYOB). Offering 12 flavours & 3 sizes. Delivered to you for FREE in   L downsized?  What if the market falls? My clients have never had such pressing
 YYC! Use code WOMANITION15 for 15% off your first order. CHEERS!  questions and they need help answering the “What If’s?”
              Imagine a holistic financial plan that allows you to consider and adjust for every
 Trina Arnold  possible scenario to your ‘what if’ questions.  The IG Living Plan™ is more than traditional

 Trina’s Margarita Club  investment advice.  This new exciting collaborative digital experience helps clients
             across Canada test their “what if” scenarios, explore new goals, and see how various  considerations such as market shifts, inflation and living longer could impact their net  I  403-804-2729     worth.
              It starts with an open and honest discussion that goes much deeper than you may
             have experienced with other financial advisors.   I want to understand your personal
 Technological Innovator  Irene Lay Photography  and family goals and am deeply committed to establishing life-long relationships and
             providing a comprehensive financial plan that adapts and changes as your life does
             to meet your goals and achieve true financial well-being.
 JELIFESTYLE - UNITING PEOPLE TODAY   Your financial well-being score will depend on 5 key dimensions:
              We will plan for financial flexibility and for major expenditures such as
 WITH THE PLATFORM FOR TOMORROW   education and family vacations, perhaps even a vacation property.

 Providing the definitive virtual solution for humankind in today’s changing world, JEL is the
 ultimate in inclusion, unifying families, leaders, teams. Optimizing JELCorporate for your business   JOANNE KIRK, CFP , EPC, FCIP
 events enables you to transparently engage limitless attendees anywhere in a virtual experience   FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, IG WEALTH MANAGEMENT
 that most effectively mirrors a real-life conference, giving them a place to be seen, heard, validated.   INVESTORS GROUP FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.
 Everyone needs a voice.
 Jennifer Brown-Flewelling  I  403-828-0845

 JE LifeStyle|Design  We will review your monthly cash flow including income and expenses  which will enable us to implement strategies to free up cash flow and  I  780-400-8453  optimize tax efficiencies.
              As a part of your plan, we will prepare for the unexpected and ensure your
             plan is secure so in the event of the unthinkable-your family, your home and
 Event Planner  your financial plan are protected and stay on track.

 Miko Photography  To help you with retirement, we will prepare a plan to both preserve capital
             and generate future income. We will set up a tax efficient investment portfolio,
             so you will be able to retire on your own terms, maintain your independence
 BALLOON ARTIST  and manage your retirement income for your unique needs.
              And finally, we will protect your estate, ensuring that you will be
             able to share your wealth and leave a lasting legacy for your family
             and future generations. Working with our in-house experts, we
 Yolany Benavides is an entrepreneur balloon artist in Calgary with more than 6 years of   will analyze your estate needs, ensure your will is up to date, and
 experience in the business. She believes that life is made up of especially moments that are   your wealth transfer plans are tax efficient.
 worth celebrating so she specialize in event planning and decorating to make your special   Let’s work together so you can focus more on what matters to
 event a beautiful time worth remembering.
             you and stay open to life’s possibilities.  Does your plan do that?
              Trademarks, including IG Wealth Management and IG Private
 Yolany Benavides  Wealth Management are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed

             to subsidiary corporations. This is a general source of information
 Party and Balloons Calgary   only.  It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal, or   investment advice and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase  I  403-399-3258  securities.  Joanne Kirk is solely responsible for its content. For more
             information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact
             an IG Wealth Management consultant.
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