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Empowering Women                                                                           A Career That

                                                   Through Fashion                                                              Keeps On Giving

                                                           owadays, it seems like every item you could want is available                  o you aspire for more, but just don’t know where to start?
                                                           online. Even clothing is only a click away. Convenient? Perhaps                 My name is Pamela and I am a Senior Director with Mary Kay
                                                           at first glance, but anyone with an appreciation of fashion and the            Cosmetics.
                                                 N desire to look their best would readily agree that this is the farthest      DAlong with the Mary Kay Company, I support and teach
                                                   thing from the uplifting, transformative joy of true clothing shopping. Now,   women to create a lifestyle, which offers freedom, success and flexibility.
                                                      if your own experience hasn’t been that stellar when searching for select   I have been able to be a stay at home mum and wife while continuing my
                                                        clothing and accessories that enhance your unique beauty, thereby       career. I want other women to know they can have this option too with
                                                           boosting your confidence level sky-high, you really do need to visit   no sacrifices.
                                                             my superlative staff and me at my acclaimed Calgary boutique,        I started my business while I was a Registered Nurse.
                                                              NV Fashions.                                                        Although being an accomplished nurse was a good job, it did not
                                                                 We are all about providing specialized personal service,       fulfill my dreams and provide my desired lifestyle.
                                                               guiding you through our well-priced selection of quality brands    I wanted more money and advancement opportunities so I could
                                                               featuring renowned designers like Joseph Ribkoff, FDJ French     travel, buy a house, have a killer wardrobe, and work with positive
                                                               dressing, Brighton jewellery, leather organizer bags, and belts.   like-minded people.
                                                               Far from simply clicking on a lifeless photo, you’ll see the exact   I discovered Mary Kay. I loved the product and healthy skin it gave me.
                                                             colour against your skin tones. Touch the fabric and enjoy how       I knew this was an awesome opportunity.
                                                             it feels flattering your body. You can already hear the appreciative   I jumped in with both feet, immersing myself with Mary Kay mentors
                                                           compliments from friends and loved ones because this is an ensemble   and duplicating what I was taught. I paid off a $10,000 loan on a sports
                                                       we helped you choose intentionally, according to your personality, your   car and earned a diamond ring in my first year of business. An amazing
                                                     preferences, your lifestyle, and, of course, your individual silhouette.   accomplishment for a woman in her 20’s.

                                                            NANCY ROSYCHUK                                                                     PAMELA KANDERKA

                                                                       NV FASHIONS                                                                     MARY KAY COSMETICS

                                                        I  403-249-0133                                         I  403-852-6024

                                               If you’ve found it difficult before to find well-fitting clothing, it has nothing to do   One of my most coveted rewards has been driving free company cars. What
                                            with your beautiful body. Your shape is glorious as is! You just need someone to take the   an unbelievable perk. I have been able to save a nice retirement while building
                                            time as we do with our customers to help you discover pieces that accentuate here while   a cottage at the lake. I’ve had so much fun travelling while meeting women just
                                           minimizing there, ultimately creating that perfectly proportioned overall look. You’ll feel   like me. All because I made a decision to have a bigger life.
                                           like a million bucks, as they say, motivated to go out and make that million bucks! We are   The cosmetic business is an international multi-billion dollar industry and
                                           passionate about empowering women through fashion.                                   continuously growing even in economic downturns. With the average woman
                                              Coming from a family of dress designers in Montreal, Canada’s clothing capital, I   spending over $300 per month on beauty, Mary Kay has created the ideal business to
                                           loved fashion practically from birth! Having numerous sisters, I became quite talented at   capture this audience.  They provide the customer with amazing skin care and makeup,
                                           customizing hand-me-downs, asserting my originality by using distinctive accessories,   which is delivered to their door with a 100% guarantee.
                                           even fashion hosiery. My lengthy career in retail fashion, including working at the    A career with Mary Kay has given me freedom. If you are looking for options for a
                                           legendary Eaton’s, was very rewarding, but, in 2008, my dream of independent store   residual income, tax benefits, financial security for retirement and free company cars, this
                                           ownership finally came true.                                                         can be you too. The ability to build a business from an “inclusive phone app” is priceless.
                                             At NV Fashions, we pride ourselves on product knowledge, insisting on the highest   You don’t have to recreate the wheel as the company longevity and mentorship program
                                          quality from suppliers. We sincerely value ongoing client relationships and outstanding   is proven true.
                                          service, ensuring that your in-store experience is far superior to anything online. There’s   I made a choice to create a different life. I invite you to ask yourself if this could be
                                           just nothing better than that game-changing, new outfit that clearly fits like custom-made   your dream too!
                                           when you admire yourself in the mirror. Come on by and help us keep the true joy of    Come join me! It may be to make extra money, or long term to build a legacy. You
                                           REAL-LIFE fashion shopping alive!                                                    never know until you try.

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