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 ave you ever felt like the rug of life was unexpectedly pulled from under your feet? If you have, then   o you know what your jewellery personality is? Are you a natural, romantic, dramatic or
 you’ll understand my story.   D classic? Not only do you have a jewellery personality, but there is also real science behind
 As I entered midlife and progressed into menopause, my life went unexpectedly sideways along with   accessorizing your look.
 H my waist and my health. Midlife is filled with a multitude of transitions… menopause, empty-nest,   A NATURAL has a calm beauty which originates from her true, pure inner spirit and
 aging parents, changing relationships, shifting sense of purpose, identity and work. Let’s face it, we have a massive shift   her sense of fun. Her natural glow is her beauty secret, and her jewellery choices complement this
 physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!   and do not overpower or cover up or take away from her beauty. She doesn’t like to conform to
 I hit this stage in my life and had to decide whether I would evolve or devolve?   fashion trends but chooses her jewellery to suit her relaxed and casual style.
 I am happy to share that I made a conscious choice to evolve! I stepped into a greater   A ROMANTIC has a feminine, soft cultured look which could be all curls and
 version of myself with a new sense of wisdom, but it didn’t happen overnight. It was a step-  pearls. She loves flowing skirts and anything feminine will be found in her
 by-step process with the support of incredible people. I dared to seek out the wisdom and   wardrobe. She loves hearts and flowers, and her jewellery choices harmonize her in
 love of family, friends, wellness practitioners, and mentors, which transformed my life   this way.
 beyond measure.    A DRAMATIC is very strong and focused and she has flair. She is rather sassy,
 Each step of the way, as I found new healing methods that supported my journey,   and she is a confident woman. She loves to draw attention to herself with her
 I delved into the how and why they worked, wanting to understand the mechanics   statement pieces. She loves bright, bold even geometric jewellery designs with
 of the process. I then endeavoured to gain my own certifications and expertise, in   all color palettes. She also loves to try new fashion trends and loves to be the
 order to support others along their journey. As a nurse, I am always seeking ways to   first one to showcase a new fashion look.
 deepen my knowledge, skills, and empathy.  A CLASSIC is tailored, timeless and conservative in her fashion choices.
 The greatest thing I dared to do was to open myself up to new possibilities. I   She is not a slave to fashion, and she is also never out of style. She chooses
 dared to believe my health could return. I dared to believe I could fall in love again.   pieces that are timeless and will be in vogue now and five years from now.
 I dared to believe I could return to school, travel the world, and have my own   She uses her jewellery to draw attention as an accent and not a statement.
 health and wellness practice.   In this science of accessorizing, your face is the focal point upon which
 I have become an enthusiastic life adventurer. I believe that we all have the right to   your beauty and appearance is built. Your face draws attention and
 create the life we desire. A life that is fabulous. The foundation to being fabulous is   is more expressive than any other part of the body. The science of
 feeling fabulous physically, mentally, and emotionally. FabulousHealth addresses   accessorizing is based on three factors -- the shape of your face;
 the issues that affect us as women in midlife: managing stressful transitions,   the shape of your jewellery; and the interaction between these
 sluggish energy, vulnerable self-esteem, fluctuating weight, menopause   two. This concept determines the jewellery that best suits your
 mayhem, and much more.  facial shape.



 It can be overwhelming knowing where to turn for help, which   The lines of jewellery direct the movement of the eye,
 is why I offer holistic health expertise to benefit your fiercely   and the ability to use these lines to influence eye
 brave body, energize your uniquely resilient spirit, and stimulate   movement in the desired manner is one of the main
 your marvellously magnificent mind.  principles on which the fashion world is based. 
 My greatest joy is to support incredible women to move   My passion is to empower women to bring out
 from feeling stressed, wired and tired, to relaxed, calm and   their inner sparkle with beautiful jewellery. Let
 energized, through the healing powers of thought, light,   me help you become empowered!! I truly believe
 sound, and food. You deserve to live a long, healthy life of   fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do
 joyous, confident vitality!  with it.

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