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Getting You  GROW YOUR
           DO YOU NEED TO

   With the Power of Your Story  BUSINESS?

 e have all been affected by a powerful story. The written word holds immeasurable   s a small business owner or entrepreneur, do you feel uncomfortable selling? Not sure of what to
 power to connect, change and enrich lives. After publishing eight of my own best selling   A say or when to say it?
 compilation books and coaching over 300 authors to create their stories, I have witnessed   Are you lacking a consistent stream of income because you avoid looking for new clients?
 W first hand how a story can foster hope, faith and transform an author and their reader.   Or worse, when you do talk to potential new customers, do they walk away instead of
 Get You Visible Publishing, Podcasting and Promotions was created to help authors bring their   buying your product or service?
 wisdom and stories to the world in multimedia platforms so their voice can reach the masses.  We   Don’t worry, you are not alone! For many small to medium sized businesses, these are very common
 guide our authors to bring their ideas to life through story coaching with Heather’s proven writing   problems. Before I became an award-winning sales expert and host of my own sales show, I felt the
 system, GYV’s intuitive editing team, award winning graphic designers and publishing team.   same way. An entrepreneur must master three areas to successfully create the sales and income they
 The author’s have embraced the five pillars of our company and as a result, have had   desire.
 opportunities as professional speakers, influencers, podcast hosts and entrepreneurs, sharing   CONFIDENCE: We often fear the dejection and rejection that comes from hearing the word
 their stories with the world.   NO.  But it does not have to be that way! Simple things can confidently and courageously
 You cannot be a secret and a success at the same time. With believing this wholeheartedly, I   promote yourself and your business.
 created the Five Pillars of Success:  MODERN SELLING SKILLSET: The stereotypes that salespeople are aggressive,
 COURAGE: Defining this requires you to be honest about what your beliefs are, what drives   pushy, and greedy will often stop us from searching out new clients or actively
 you and what you fear and why. Courage can be a tool to help you face your fears, opening   promoting ourselves. The sleazy salesperson stereotype is the old way of selling.
 doors to uncovering your story, new experiences and your life’s mission.   Customers need to be treated in a professional, respectful manner – the way you
 CHOICE: You have a choice as to how you think and feel, and you can make   would like to be treated. Learn how to educate and inform, guide and provide,
 choices to encompass fear which will hold you back, or face fear which means   serve not self-serve.
 “Face Everything and Rule!” Personally, I was more scared to stay where I was   SIMPLE PROCESSES: Imagine what it would be like if you had a simple,
 than to move forward.   step-by-step, repeatable processes to effortlessly gain more clients, overcome
 CONNECTION: Learning your power of why and your story is about   objections, and close more deals. Winging it causes us to miss steps, say the
 embracing your own unique experiences and knowing they can change   wrong things, not hear the customer, and a variety of other crucial mistakes
 someone’s life, creating an impact on the world.   that can cause us to lose value sales we cannot afford to lose!


 STORY COACH/AUTHOR             RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS      I  403-652-0576  I  403-615-2333

 CREATION: Being open to different choices and connections can   What would mastering confidence, modern selling, and simple processes do for
 lead to many opportunities. Relationships can create chapters that create   you and your business? With RAINMAKERS ‘Selling Made Simple’ Sales Success
 businesses, and chapters of celebration. Mentorship can lead you to   System, your days of winging it are over. Learn how to replace fear, failure, and
 living out your true passions.   frustration with empowerment, increased confidence, and solid sales success.
 COMMUNITY: Through sharing your story, you create a community   RAINMAKERS ‘Selling Made Simple’ Sales Success System means more than just
 that bonds and thrives through vulnerability generating influence, impact   getting by. It means you will have the confidence, skillset, and processes to source new
 and income. Your network becomes your networth. Through community   customers, close more deals, and acquire a steady stream of cash flow! Imagine once
 comes trust, and referrals all by sharing your story and inspiring others to   more what your life would be like without the weight of endless entrepreneurial hurdles.
 do the same.  Imagine having enough time freed up to focus on serving others, spending time with
 When those wish to tell their stories come to us, they step into their   family, or doing the activities you never seem to find time to do. Imagine feeling stress
 vision by being coachable and sharing their stories via publishing,   free over building clientele and closing sales.
 podcasting, and promotion. They create a chapter, a book, a podcast; a   Imagine investing in yourself and your business and going from surviving to thriving!
 life forever changed.   Dare to imagine all of this is possible and that it takes only one phone call. Let Rainmakers
 You are the creator of your own story!!  Business Solutions show you how to take your sales from stalled to unstoppable!

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