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Though our world has changed, and your values and priorities   MUNDI-WORTHINGTON TEAM
          may have shifted, we believe now more than ever, the right
          advice has the power to transform the future for you and your   PERSONALIZED WEALTH | MADE SIMPLE
          family.  Investing your money to help fund your goals for life
          is a highly personal exercise. We believe in the perfect balance   Donna Worthington, EPC, CFP® &
          of a set of integrated wealth management services combined
          with ongoing, impartial advice.                          Jaspal S. Mundi, B.Comm., CFP®
          We combine our diverse experience to help you achieve    Certified Financial Planner®
          Personalized Wealth and peace of mind by providing sound,
          reliable financial advice Made Simple.                   Katie Stewart, QAFP
          Our clients know they can rely on:                       Licensed Assistant & Insurance Advisor
          •   A defined, consistent approach to financial planning  Ruby Alabar
          •   A commitment to a long term relationship             Administrative Assistant
          •   A clear & transparent map to execute your financial plan

                                                                   #222, 9223 - 28 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6N 1N1
          We're happy to discuss our value-added offering with you and   780-328-2562  I
          illustrate how it compares to the various other options in the
          market.                                                  Please visit for more
                                                                   information about our team and how we can help
          Work with Our Team to find out what we can do for you.    create a Personalized Wealth Strategy for you.
          There are no obligations, just possibilities.


        DONNA WORTHINGTON, CFP, EPC                                       KATIE STEWART, QAFP
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