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A Story Forever Changed

                                             by     One Connection

                                              A         s I begin this new journey with Womanition, I want to share why this is a

                                                        heartfelt moment for me filled with so much gratitude for Womanition,
                                                        our current members, and our future members.
                                                          After being restructured from my healthcare management role in 2015,
                                               I had no direction. I reached out to my entrepreneurial friend seeking answers as to
                                                what I might do professionally. It was important to me that I not have to endure this
                                                 unexpected transition again and I also did not want to depend on a paycheque.
                                                   She invited me to a networking event called Womanition. I walked in and was
                                                  immediately greeted by Dorothy Briggs, the founder. My first thought was WOW,
                                                  she created these events for women to network. The room was full of well-
                                                   dressed women who were all business owners and very welcoming. I enjoyed
                                                   a delightful lunch, connected with new women, and walked away with hope
                                                   knowing I could create something different.

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                                                     I  403-652-0576                                             I  780-699-3237

                                                 I started Googling coaching programs when I got home because I had had
                                               a successful direct selling business 15 years prior, yet the stigma of losing my
                                               job caused my self esteem to plummet. I reminded myself that if I had built
                                               a business once, I could do it again. This time I enrolled into a six-month
                                              health coaching program to gain my certification. By 2016, I attended another
                                               Womanition event where I met a woman who was co-authoring a upcoming
                                                book about women in business. She had invited me to take part. I wrote a
                                                 chapter in a collaboration book about the resiliency it takes to start and build
                                                  a successful business.
                                                    From that day, I was a published author. It changed my life in every sense.
                                                  I was approached to take part in a publishing mentorship program where I
                                                  would compile my own collaboration book. My first book launched in June 2017
                                                  which went #1 Amazon best seller on launch day. It was better than Christmas.
                                                    My publishing company was born. I began to speak at events like
                                                  Womanition Biz Brigade. This was a launching pad to my business growth of
                                                  Get You Visible Publishing, Podcasting and Promotions. I am so grateful for
                                                  the hope and inspiration that Womanition gave me that one fateful day in
                                                  2015 and for what this has created for the community of women.
                                                    By joining Womanition as the new license holder for Southern Alberta,
                                                  I am very excited to help other women change their stories, launch their
                                                   businesses, and collaborate with growth. Helping women get visible
                                                   is my passion. We have so many ideas and strategies like podcasting
                                                   opportunities, loyalty programs, networking opportunities, and more
                                                    coming your way in the next year.
                                                      I am so excited to serve you all.

                                                           Irene Lay Photography
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