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Womanition in Red Deer

             The wait is Over!

                 here is nothing more powerful and dynamic than a network of like-minded women entrepreneurs,
                 coming together, to raise a tide that lifts all boats.  As a woman entrepreneur myself, I know first-
                 hand the loneliness, ostracization and fear that go along, when you step into the unknown of your
         T soul’s beckoning you to become an entrepreneur and start your business.  My life has forever
         been changed in ways I could have never imagined because of everything Womanition provides. Business
         opportunities appeared, connections were made, and lifelong friendships emerged like magic and miracles
         to support, motivate, and inspire me along my path. I want every woman entrepreneur to feel the
         support and experience the community that Womanition has to offer.  When you fully embrace
         the best women’s empowerment network ever, you will go faster and farther in your life and in
         your business than you thought possible. Trust me, I know.  All you need to do is show up,
         be open to the support and opportunities available and give back wherever and however
         you can.  Let the beauty of good karma work for you here.

                     KAREN MICHELE WEST

                             WOMANITION - RED DEER

                  I  780-699-3237

           Being a devoted member of Womanition for over 11 years, I would follow
         Womanition to the ends of the earth. Now I get the chance, as proud owner/
         publisher of Womanition Red Deer, AB.  My dream is to bring all that
         Womanition has to offer and more to the Red Deer area and create some
         momentum.  What would it be like to build up, inspire and support
         women entrepreneurs to lead and live their best lives ever? It would
         be absolutely amazing and that is my intention going forward.
         Entrepreneurs, especially women who are willing and courageous
         enough to bring forth a business that enhances the lives of so
         many have my respect.   Who is with me?
           As the African Proverb goes…If you want to go fast, go
         alone. If you want to go far, go together. This is what
         Womanition is all about, going along, on our own
         journeys’ but going so much farther together.  That is
         where the living is right?
           I invite you and anyone you know in the Red Deer
         area or beyond to come be a part of something
         so much bigger than yourself.  The wisdom,
         compassion and experience are second to
         none in this fabulous network, community,
         and movement.  All of us are pulling the
         rope in the same direction when it comes to
         building our business and we look forward
         to welcoming you with open hearts and
         big hugs.  We are here for you!

                                                     Irene Lay Photography

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