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Incorporate your passions    YES!!! I AM A WINNER

 into your life, and you will

 Love What You Do!  hroughout my childhood, my parents repeated this affirmation: “Lorephil, always

                  remember, you are a winner.” Today as an immigrant from the Philippines, I too am
                  very ambitious for the sake of my children’s future, so in 2016 I opened my cleaning
         T business, Canajan Inc., on a part time basis.
           Then in 2019, I changed my destiny because I always remember that “I am a winner.” I left
         a secure job in a surgeon’s office to start a corporation in which I was the only owner and
         the only employee, and I very quickly went from one client to thirty-five because I always
         remember that “I am a winner.”
           2020 was forecasted to be my best year--a year of prosperity. The universe, however,
         is always testing my faith. On March 15, a pandemic alert called COVID-19 hit, and the
         Government advised everyone to lockdown at home. My thirty-five residential clients
         became ZERO. I had no choice but to close my business for a month. Instead of quitting
         though, I told the universe: “Come on, test me more because I am not a quitter.”
           I stood firm and reminded myself of the affirmation my parents instilled in me:
         “Lorephil, don’t give up. Always remember what you’ve been telling yourself for the past
         18 years! You are a winner!” I wrote in my journal about my feelings and how to change
         the situation. I had one month to reflect and rejuvenate, and I used it well.
           I pivoted my business by washing exterior windows for $149.99 to ensure some
         income, but I also volunteered at senior homes and non-profit organizations,
         offering free disinfecting services since my resource was time and my

                  LOREPHIL TOLEDO
                    780-463-7988  I  1-833-226-2526

         skill was cleaning. One month later, work was booming again! I
         was able to return to full-time cleaning with more work that ever
         before because of the volunteering I had done in the community
         during the pandemic. I received a ton of work from that month
         of volunteering because I never forgot that “I am a winner.”
           My dream is to have the largest building in Downtown
         Edmonton twenty years from now. I will do whatever
         it takes because that’s how we achieve our dreams.
         At the core though, I am grateful that I have my
         family to support on my dreams and remind me
         that I am a winner. In addition, my mentors
         and coaches guide me on my journey; my
         friends believe in me and stand by my
         side; my employees help to build my
         dreams; and lastly the universe and
         God combine their powers to help me
         achieve my dreams.

                        Irene Lay Photography

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