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Incorporate your passions

                                      into your life, and you will

                                             Love What You Do!

                                   s a young woman, I learned many lessons from my mother. She taught me that you don’t have
                                   to be rich or important to be special. She taught me that the simple act of combining fresh
                                   ingredients along with a love of sharing with friends could help me bring connection, laughter,
                          Aand joy. I watched her create legendary feasts and share her love of cooking with family and
                          friends, joining with everyone and making them all feel special. I vowed that when I had my own home, I
                          would follow in her footsteps, so I too would create a space where everyone felt welcome.
                            When I learned that not everyone has the time or confidence to cook large meals that welcome others, I
                          decided I can help them create the feeling of love that lived in my mother’s kitchen by catering meals to help
                          them celebrate their special occasions. Whether for a few family members or a small wedding of 25, my food
                                          can help create an environment of human connection that makes any celebration warm
                                              and memorable.
                                                  Another life lesson I learned from my mother was that when we feel beautiful
                                                 on the outside, we can also feel beautiful on the inside. As a Stylist for over 40
                                                  years, I can make my clients look their absolute best so that they can go out
                                                   into the world with confidence and positivity. Many of my clients have been
                                                    with me for years, and I consider them more than just clients. They are
                                                    special and they deserve to look and feel that way.

                                                           MARIA LEWIS
                                                           MARIA SALERNO ENTERPRISE

                                                   I  780-999-2051

                                                                     It was a natural progression for me to also become a
                                                                    consultant for Neora International with their natural
                                                                    skincare and wellness products. Neora’s products
                                                                    range from anti-aging serums to vitamins and mineral
                                                                    supplements that can help my clients look and feel
                                                                    great inside and out. From glowing skin to well styled
                                                                     hair, I can help my clients feel better, stress less, and
                                                                     even live longer and happier. My passion for making
                                                                     other people feel special brings the same result back
                                                                     to me! I too feel joy, pleasure, and a sense of human
                                                                     connection and compassion. My work is not what I
                                                                     do, it is who I am.
                                                                       Being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom
                                                                     to act on my passions. I can travel whatever path I
                                                                     choose that will help me achieve my life goal--to be
                                                                    able to help and inspire the people I meet to look and
                                                                  feel great, and to feel a sense of family even in a hectic,
                                                                   stressful, and unpredictable world.

                                                                   Irene Lay Photography

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